It's been a treat working with all the various team to make Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and deliver it to the world.  We could have never done it without...

Operations.  Making it available for new sales, transitioning existing customers and making sure all of our systems are ready.  Creating the new Perpetual pricing.  This new model is a huge step to our future.  I am really excited about the opportunities this brings.  They are the people behind the scenes who get into the gritty deals.  Some (most) of these devoted people you will never meet.

Development.  Code! Code! Code! Test! Test! Test!  They also created and delivered content. They helped make the sold out technical conference happen and much more.  I could do an entire post on the things they contributed to in this release.  They are a brilliant group of people who dare to think big!

Support.  They are ready when you need them.  They also created and delivered content to get the support engineers ready. They held readiness events, created technical videos, tested and assisted development.  This group of brilliant people make it easy to innovate because they can keep up.

Community.  They tweet and blog.  They show cool demos. They are the first to try beta.  They talk about features.  They give relevant feedback.  They are excited.  Our community has been fantastic throughout this release process.

Today we release Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013!

In the Fargo campus we had a Launch Lunch to celebrate.  Here are a few pictures from the party.

Taco Buffet from one our local "authentic" Mexican restaurant.


People from development and support mostly.  It was a time to casually have a meal and share stories. 

Now the bigger question.  What happens next?  Now that we have released the new web client and have given people opportunities to work different, what will they do?

What will you do?


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