Top Tip: Never a Better Time To Buy

Between now and October 1, 2012, if a prospect purchases Microsoft Dynamics GP they have an opportunity.  I know you don't have much time, October first is not far away.

If a prospect buys 1 user of BE or AM, they get the starter pack when the upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Perpetual Pricing.  The starter pack has 3 users, so they essentially get 2 users for no additional charge!

Important note that has caused confusion.  If they purchase more than one user they would not get two users free.  They need to buy only one user now and then move to the perpetual model, get the two free. Then they can buy more users if they need.

They cannot move to the new model until December 1, 2012. If they want to implement before December 1, 2010 they would have to do so on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and on this version they only have what they purchased.

Also when they move they get functionaity deals as well depending on what they purchase.

There truely is no better time to buy right now until December 1, 2012.

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