Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Beta release available for download

With great pleasure I announce that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 has released to Beta.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 includes - the introduction of the GP web client, 125+ functionality enhancements for our 43,000+ existing customers, and extending the rich integration Dynamics GP has with the Microsoft stack.    

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 builds on a strong foundation to deliver new levels of customer and partner value through faster, more efficient implementations, compelling application functionality, and unparalleled levels of customer choice on how to deploy and access their solution. The beta release is a key milestone in our ongoing development process , and signals our continued confidence in the planned December CY12 release timeframe for the final product.  We are very proud of the technology advancements in this release including making Dynamics GP more efficient for cloud deployments and providing our community of partners a transformation engine to move their 500+ industry solutions to the web.

All Microsoft Dynamics GP partners can download the beta located hereSupport information is posted on the download page.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 beta release was announced today at the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift on the Fargo campus.  500 attendees were on hand for the announcement and are attending three days of in depth training on the release. 

Congratulations to our development team on reaching a great milestone in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 program.


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  1. Fabian Perez-Parada says:

    Thanks for getting this up! The documentation link on the page does not work. Excited to install!

  2. Jen Kuntz says:

    Oooooh oooh oooh… not excited at all! 🙂

    One dead link on the page is the install instructions is resolving to what appears to be an internal URL:…/jj673201(v=gp.20)

  3. Jay Manley says:

    For clarification to all of our partners that are anxiously awaiting this Beta, there is no technical support available for the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Beta release.  One great way to "help yourselves" is by utilizing the Partner OTC Forum, located at…/threads

  4. Arun Raghavan says:

    Downloaded and installed the 2013 Beta on Windows 7. Glad to see the named databases both for System database and the Sample database. Good job.

    One issue i found installing the SSRS and Excel Reports. The Installation wizard that opens SSRS Deployment wizard allows the user to click on the Finish button again and starts another deployment wizard, throwing errors. The first deployment wizard opened and was still installing, but when i switched windows and came back, i saw the installation wizard window and thought i forgot to start the deployment and started again. Could this be fixed – when one deployment wizard has already been started, user should not be allowed to start that again.

    Will keep using/testing the Beta. Good job GP team on releasing the Beta exactly during the Airlift.

  5. Arun Raghavan says:

    Downloaded and installed GP 2013 beta on Windows 7. Was so happy to see the named databases, both for the System and Sample company database.

    the install went fine. One issue i had was when deploying the SSRS and Excel Reports. The install wizard popped open the Deployment Wizard and it started installing. But when i switched windows, and came back to the install wizard, it allowed me to click on Finish and rerun the Deployment wizard, while the previous one was still working (didn't notice the other one). This threw errors while deployment and then stopped. But was able to launch GP after that.

    Can the install be changed so that the deployment wizard is not launched multiple times.

  6. This is great news.  I'm looking forward to playing with it and seeing how the new features work.  For those of you asking if something "can" be fixed, the answer is it can be fixed.  

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