Perpetual Pricing Top Tips

In August we announced the new Perpetual price model that will be available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  We will be writing a series of blog articles with tips on the pricing to help you understand it and take advantage of opportunities during this transition.

Did you know?

Tip 1:

If you sell a one user Advanced Management deal today, when they move to Perpetual they would get the Starter Pack with 3 Users  and the Extended Pack.  If you sell a one user Business Essentials deal today, when they move to Perpetual they would get the Starter Pack with 3 Users.

Tip 2:

Integration Manager is in the Customization Pack which is $10,000 and also includes the customization suite.  The integration suite today is $5000.  Existing Customers should purchase one of the suites before they move to Perpetual if they are going to need this functionality.

Tip 3:

In order to get Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 you have to move to the Perpetual model.  There is no charge to move.  The protected list price remains protected and will not change and will transfer over. 

Tip 4: 

Customers must be current on the Business Ready Enhancement Plan at the time they request to move to the Perpetual model.  Since this is a pull model they have to request to go. 

Scenario 1:  if a customer is current on their maintenance when Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 ships and does not ask to move to Perpetual, if they drop off of maintenance they will not have rights to GP 2013.

Scenario 2:  if a customer is not current on a maintenance plan, at any time they renew they can get Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  They do not have to be current on a plan when we ship.

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  1. Thank you for this info.

    Tip #3 – does this apply to module-based transitions as well? We have a client on GP Standard with a SLP of $1,749. It's hard to believe this client can move over and have access to all the modules included in the Starter Pack with no additional costs.

  2. Pam Misialek says:

    Yes, it does apply to Module Based Customers.  

  3. A concern that this new 2013 perpetual and cloud pricing will make us less competitive on bigger deals.

    Right now a typical Dynamics GP install will have 15 concurrent and 15 ISV users.

    The addition of advanced pricing and national accounts is welcome.

    But users want light users who can do basic SOP order entry/ order status or UPS/Fedex shipment tracking and inquiries.

    Also with our ISV product we have full and light users.

    It looks like we will need a standalone ISV system and login to bypass the higher prices of perpetual users and make up for the lack of an ISV user option in the cloud and give simple order entry/status/ shipment tracking.

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