Feature of the Day: Reason Codes

Welcome to the Feature of the Day for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 - Reason Codes

GP2013 Inventory Reasons Codes.ppsx

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  1. frozeonthelake says:

    Neat feature, is it possible to get the Learning Script link working?

  2. Pam Misialek says:

    The learning script should be working.  Here is a link to it:  http://tinyurl.com/736btx9

  3. Warren Briggs says:

    What codec is required to play the video? When I click to play the video it says 'codec unavailable'.

  4. Jivtesh says:

    Pam – fantastic stuff! The learning script link works when I type it in, or when I click on the link you posted above. However, when I click on the link from within the powerpoint presentation – i get a "cannot locate the intrernet server" message.

  5. Vaidy Mohan says:

    The Learning Script link takes us to an intranet site (http://sharepoint/sites/dynamicsgp/GP12/). Probably that's the reason it's not working on the presentation. But link that you have provided on comments section works perfectly. Thanks for it.

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