New Pricing for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Announced Today

After over a year of research and a vast amount of heated discussion, we are finally announcing the new pricing for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

A few highlights:

  • This pricing announcement is for the new price model called Perpetual.  It's buying it outright like we do today.
  • Subscription pricing will be a limited pilot and will have a similar structure to this new pricing.
  • This simple structure gives you a unique opporunity to sell differently.
  • There are two actual logins for Microsoft Dynamics GP when we launch.
  • For customers to get GP 2013, they have to ask for it.  They will not automatically get it.

I'm really excited about this pricing.

Here is the landing page with the announcement:


Comments (7)

  1. Steve Wales says:

    Pam, what do you mean by "There are two actual logins for Microsoft Dynamics GP when we launch"? Thanks.

  2. Pam Misialek says:

    We will have Full Users and Limited Users.  When you setup a user you need to specify which kind they are.  We wil sell the two user types concurrently.  Microsoft Dynamics GP will track the number of each user that are logged in.  The new limited user will have access to inquire windows and reports.

  3. Korey Lind says:


    When can we start ordering GP with the new pricing?  I want to avoid placing an order for a new customer and then have to change the license model a couple of weeks later.


  4. Pam Misialek says:

    The new price model will be available when GP2013 is made Generally Available.

  5. David "IKE" Eichner says:


    Any thoughts to allowing purchasing with new price model prior to GP2013 being made Generally Available?  Prospective customers will delay purchasing until new price model available (so as to avoid license model transitions).


  6. Livvy says:

    When is the expected date of the launch?

  7. Pam Misialek says:

    The new price model will not be made available until GP 2013 is available because it is only available for GP 2013.  I understand that having to do a model transistion is cumbersome, but there are examples where it is better for the customer to buy now and then move to the Perpetual model.

    The new model will be available December 1, 2012.

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