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Many of you had asked for support inside of Rapid Migration Tool for QuickBooks Enterprise, and updates to support all of the latest versions of QuickBooks.

We are now announcing the release of the updated tool for Microsoft GP 2010.

You can download it at: 


The Rapid Implementation Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 include two tools designed to shorten deployment time and enable greater Partner productivity by reducing the time required for routine implementation tasks.  These tools are also designed to work with the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology.

The Rapid Configuration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP quickly configures core application setup data to meet specific business needs.  By using one of thirteen available industry templates, or a customized configuration template created in Microsoft Office Excel 2007, a new Microsoft Dynamics GP company can be configured easily within the intuitive user interface.  Settings and data such as the chart of accounts, fiscal years, payment terms, shipping methods, taxes, core financial and distribution module setup, and more can be quickly set up using this tool.  New to this release is the ability to select individual Setup Areas allowing configurations to proceed in a phased approach rather than an all or none approach when importing configuration data from another Microsoft Dynamics GP company.

The Rapid Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP quickly converts key Intuit QuickBooks company data or Sage Peachtree accounting company data to Microsoft Dynamics GP within an easy-to-use interface. The supported versions are:

Rapid Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
• QuickBooks Pro (2003 - 2012), Premier (2003 - 2012) and Enterprise (3.0 - 12.0)
• Peachtree (2009 - 2012) versions of Pro, Complete and Premium

Those using the tool will benefit from the tool's ability to efficiently migrate the following data:
Master Records: Accounts (including opening balances), Customers, Vendors, Items, Employees
Open Transactions*: Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Payables, Receivables, Inventory (including inventory levels)
Configuration Settings: Company Address, Customer Type, Payment Terms, Shipping Methods, Sales Tax, Vendor Type, Fiscal Years

*Note: Open transactions include those transactions not yet fully paid or applied. Transactions that have been fully paid and/or applied to another document are not migrated. New to this release is capability to migrate data from an Excel Template. Master records and open transactions exported from any sources system can now be populated into the provided Excel Template. Rapid Migration Tool will use this template as a data source for importing the data into a new Dynamics GP company. Before proceeding, download the Rapid Implementation Tools for Dynamics GP2010 help documents available on this page for complete, detailed instructions on installing and using these tools.


Jay Manley

Comments (13)

  1. Sean Reynolds says:

    Jay –

    What about migrating QuickBooks data from the UK version of QuickBooks premier into a Dynamics GP company installed with the UK language option?   I'm having trouble with the Rapid Migration tool where it's looking for a SSN number to migrate employees.  The problem is the UK doesn't use SSN, they use NI instead.   Will the Rapid Migration Tool for GP 2010 handle this?


    Sean Reynolds

  2. Jay Manley says:


    We support only US English.  There has been no testing without a SSN. It is conceivable that you could import from an Excel sheet (export the data into a workbook) but I have no idea what overall results would be as there is quite a bit that depends on that field.  If we are finding that we could potentially have a good customer base in UK we could look at extending the mapping model so support NI. We would have to have someone do some analysis to determine whether or not NI is handled just like SSN throughout the system.


  3. Eric says:

    Hi Jay, does it support GP 2013 as yet?  or does it support GP 2010 R2?

  4. Jay Manley says:

    The existing tool supports GP2010 R2.  The new tool has not been released yet, but should be shortly.  It will handle GP 2013 as well as GP 2010.

    The existing tool is at:  


    Video of the Rapid Implementation Tools


  5. Doug says:

    How many days of time should I estimate to do this conversion from QB's to GP

  6. Jay Manley says:

    Eric – One clarification – The tool supports CONFIGURATION of either GP 2010 or GP 2013.  The MIGRATION tool is only for GP 2013.

  7. Jay Manley says:

    Doug – Great question, and hard to give you any estimates as we don't do project management.  I'm publishing this on the hopes that some of our partners that do this regularily can respond.  


  8. Jay/Doug – RMT tool works great for migrating data from QB to GP 2010 or 2013. None of our GP implementation goes without RMT. Once the GP/RMT toot set is installed, then it's a matter of days to run through the migration. 1 week I would say.


    Seepath Solutions

    Dynamics AX/GP partner


  9. Kendra says:


    Can the rapid configuration tool be used to make changes, not just inital set up? I am trying to find out what it would entail to change my existing Sales tax calculations to be changed from being calculated from the subtotal to being calculated by line item? We have GP2010. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!



  10. Babu says:

    Hi Jay,

    Is the RMT can be used only to migrate the data of quick books to GP.  Because I am in process of migrating legacy data of different software to GP can RMT help on this.



  11. Jay Manley says:

    You can use RMT with other products, just use the Excel integration spreadsheet(s).

  12. Babu says:

    Hi Jay,

    If I use excel options does all the data need to be formatted to match GP table.  How can we achieve this


  13. Jay Manley says:

    The manual covers this, as does the spreadsheet.  Take a look at the spreadsheet and the manual and it should make sense.

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