Kinect in the Commercial World (Random thoughts from Errol)

The Kinect is better known as the device that my son loves for gaming.  The "You are the Controller" tag line is more than just a tag line, it really is true.   I've started to use the Kinect as an input device for my TV using motion and voice to navigate the Social, Music and TV areas of our XBOX in the living room.  Using Bing Search with voice commands (Kinect) on my TV via Xbox is soooo cool.  "Xbox search Billy Joel" . . . and up pops songs . . . "Xbox play" and off runs a playlist of Bill Joel songs.

I've started to do some reading on all the different types of potential applications for the Kinect and it is staggering all the ideas and potential uses that are popping up.  I'm not one for predictions, but . . . the Kinect as an input/interaction device for businesses is only a matter of time.  If you've got an idea on how the motion and voice commands could be used in a business application, I'd love to hear them.

To get you started . . . here are some blogs to view.

General info     Kinect Fusion     the Kinect Effect    



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