Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 SRS Reports

Have you ever wanted a list of all the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 SRS Reports, but were afraid to ask?

No fears!  Here is the list of all SRS reports that we now have in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2!

<See attached PDF>

GP 2010 R2 SRS Reports.pdf

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  1. felix says:

    Its really awesome esp. for USA,UK and German friends

  2. Jon Eastman says:

    If you have already deployed the reports then you can get a comprehensive list by querying the ReportServer.dbo.Catalog table in SQL.  This will list all SRS reports on a report site (not just Microsoft's!).

  3. Will Rice says:

    How can I handle use tax on purchases. I don't see any place in GP to do this.

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