Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Web Client Architecture Series by Mariano Gomez

For those of you that haven’t been paying attention to Blogs this cold Spring, you might have missed some really great content from Mariano Gomez in his 3-part blog regarding our future Web Client that is upcoming in GP “12”.  While he will complete the series early next week, you should really take a look at the two parts he already has completed.

In the first blog, Mariano goes deep talking to our adoption of new technologies to really change the story when it comes to a GP deployment, with the big one being Silverlight and the benefits that we will gain by using it as the UI presentation toolset for our Web Client.

In the second blog, Mr. Gomez delves into “what makes it work”, and that is how we ultimately render what was a Dynamics GP window using Silverlight.  We had to ensure that we gave all existing window functionality, while still delivering in the browser.  He talks well to this.

I can’t wait for the third blog where he’ll go deeper into the template processor and dynamic window rendering.  Please check his blog out at:

Jay Manley

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