Zeller Corporation receives Excellence in Financial Management Customer Excellence Award at Convergence 2011

Zeller has a wider range of customers, including OEM Manufacturers, general contractors, and one time or repeat end users. This requires multiple sales strategies, techniques and tools to address each type of customers’ needs with precision. In order to compete with other suppliers, Zeller must be price competitive and excel at each delivery model; whether it is delivering a single low cost replacement part or a large, complex engineered solution. Additionally, all orders funnel into a single and consolidated materials management and fulfillment model.

This comprehensive solution and tightly integrated environment has helped Zeller transform the way they work with their customers, with their vendors, and with each other. The company embraced moving away from a highly customized, long standing AS400 green screen based ERP application that was tailored for the distribution industry and did not offer manufacturing capabilities. Equally impressive is Zeller’s implementation of a data warehouse that offers near real-time reporting and analysis tools to review a division’s performance and be able to drill down to a single part number or employee time card entry that caused a project to come in under/over budget.  Zeller is truly in control of their success by being positioned to quickly, easily, and proactively learn and know more about their customers and vendors, than their customers and vendors know about themselves. This makes Zeller the strongest, easiest, and most ideal business partner with whom to conduct business. Zeller’s ability to accurately measure their ROI , as well as the strong improvements achieved during a down economic market, are evidence to their success with the implementation of the Dynamics GP solution. 

Here is some of the incredible ROI that Zeller has seen:

-Realized a 447% increase in profitability with a 38% increase in revenue and 37% increase in backlog. 
-Increased First Pass Yield on Contract Entry by 17% resulting in a decrease in cycle time of seven days
-Implemented KPI website utilizing extensive SSRS reports and integrated Phocas application allowing Zeller Corporation to:
-Manage By Fact (MBF)
-Accurate Revenue Forecasting
-Successfully implement Goal Deployment supported by automated KPI’s
-Reduced man hours required to prepare quarterly board of directors book (Zeller prepares a book that’s 1 ½ inches thick every quarter) by over 80 hours
-Reduced man hours required to produce monthly staff meeting reports by over 24 hours
-LEED Silver Certification – During the Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation, Zeller relocated into one of the oldest and largest manufacturing buildings within the city of Rochester, NY. In enhancing and redeveloping this historic space, Zeller focused on minimizing its environmental impact, and became LEED silver certified. Additionally, Zeller focused on being green throughout the Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation from a new organizational layout, in redesigning business processes, as well as in the implementation of an electronic AP Invoice approval.


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