Feature of the Day: Additional SQL Reorting Services Metrics

Additional SQL Reorting Services Metrics

Why this feature is cool!

This feature will add additional out of the box dashboard pages in Business Portal and additional SQL Reporting Services metrics to display on these pages. The new metrics are also reusable in the Business Analyzer and Dynamics GP home page as well.

The following additional metrics were created:

* Open Service Call Count by Service Type

* Ready to Ship RTV Count by RTV Type 

* Top Completed RMA Count by Item

* Open RMA Count by Return Type

* Contract Revenue YTD

* Completed RMA Cost YTD

* Salesperson YTD Commissions by Territory

* Customer YTD Sales by Territory


Each of the new metrics is drillable, meaning a user can click on the metric to display an additional detailed metric or report. 


What does it look like?


Comments (2)
  1. Hi Pam,

    I'm very excited to see those new features coming soon with R2. Keep on with the good stuff.

    Have a great day,


    PS: your title needs a little typo fix (you meant probably Reporting).

  2. Don Snyder says:

    Looks great.   Would be great to see some Manufacturing dashboards !

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