Happy Anniversary – 10 Incredible Years

Today, April 5th 2011, marks the official 10 Year Anniversary of the Microsoft acquisition of Great Plains Software – a key milestone in Microsoft’s vision of leadership in integrated and adaptable business management solutions.   Since this date MBS has continued to grow through acquisition and innovation and is now an industry leader in business enabling software.  It's been an incredible ride that I've had the pleasure to be involved with over the past almost 24 years.

Please join me in celebrating this key milestone in MBS history and to looking forward to continued success!

Can you find me in these two pictures?  🙂



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  1. Happy Anniversary says:

    And thank you for keeping GP alive.  Just to think, that GP is supporting the operations of tens of thousands of businesses, and enabling the employment of hundreds of thousands.  What a gift!

  2. Waqas says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary To Microsoft Dynamics GP Team, a Long Journey But Still Have Much More Ahead … Good Luck



  3. Marcia Nita Doron says:

    Brings back fond memories of Stampede (now Convergence).

  4. Sue Conrod says:

    Brings back memories of the "ROCK:" and the parties with the shooters being passed around and Ed Kless on the piano long into the night at the Holiday Inn.  Glad to see the many variations of the theme that Great Plains has had along the way but Great Plains managed to survive becoming a Microsoft product and in the past couple of years actually getting stronger.  Congratulations

  5. Enrique Garcia says:

    My first Stampede was in 1997. A lot of knowledge sharing and camaraderie.  And certainly those 'bar runs' where fun.

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