Feature of the Day: Substitute Fields for Email

Why this feature is cool!


Our latest release will allow the end-user to create dynamic email messages that automatically pull in information from the document that is being emailed based on the substitute fields inserted into accompany email message.   


·         Allows insert of substitute fields into Body or Subject of Email

·         User will be able to easily create personalized email message for their customers.


What does it look like?


Email Message Setup: (Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>Setup>>Company>>Email Message Setup)

Screenshot of email generated using the example Email Message:

Comments (5)

  1. Steve says:

    GP just gets better and better!

  2. Steven says:

    Could you confirm if this is GP2010 or GP2010 R2?


  3. This is a GP 2010 R2 feature

  4. Rob Gillespie says:

    Dear Errol:

    Is the "substitute" field available from a drop-down, similar to the Word Template designer?  I can't find a place to add the merged fields.

  5. The data fields that are available in the list (plus the additional fields) are the only fields that an end-user can use when using the feature.  We attempted to add all the most common fields available on the transaction entry forms (less the line item areas).  

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