Feature of the Day: Word Template Generator


Word Template Generator


Why this feature is cool!

Use the Word Template Generator to create the initial Word Template for a report in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This utility saves development time because you don’t need to create the report template from scratch. The utility creates a template document that closely matches the design of the Report Writer report. This tool is a partner only tool and will be available for download only through Partnersource. 


·         Create a template for unmodified reports

o    Create an XML document by printing the report to an XML format

o    Run the word template generator to generate the doc template

·         Assign the template to the report in Microsoft Dynamics GP

·         Assign the template to the Company

·         Render report using the Template dropdown option in the report destination window


What does it look like?


Report Writer Layout


Word Template Layout


Assign Template to Report in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Comments (5)
  1. Arthur says:

    why are features such as this not available to customers?

  2. Billie Kay says:

    I can't find this on Partner Source anywhere. Any suggestions?

  3. This is a yet to be released feature for Dynamics GP 2010 R2.  It will be available in May.  All of these recent FOD posts are for the new features coming in this release.

  4. Mary Lenehan says:

    Any thoughts to creating a Report Writer to Excel template (for example – trial balances in General Ledger).

  5. Mary,  That is not currently planned.  I would suggest using Smartlistbuilder to create a trial balance type report and then save as an Excel report.  This way, you simply have to "refresh" in excel to get the latest information.

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