Dynamics GP "12" Feature List will come from MS Connect

Do you know what MS Connect is? 

It the tool our development team uses to organize and prioritize product suggestions.  It is the primary source for the feature list for Microsoft Dynamics GP "12."  Our development team meets every two weeks and reviews the new entries.

Last week I met with development and we walked the feature list for Dynamics GP "12."  There were some features I get asked for on occasion that were not on the list.  They were ranked low in MS Connect, some are not even in there.

So, for those of you who think that MS Connect is a black hole and nothing happens after you submit it, you are wrong.  MS Connect is the primary source for product suggestions and is important.

Please take the time to enter your product suggestions and vote for your favorite features.  As a community, you can make Dynamics GP "12" a valuable release. 



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