New Partner Training for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010!

With every release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, we have continued to enhance our integrations into Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 was no exception. From adding Workflow to SharePoint Foundation to shipping features like External Lists and entirely new dashboards, we offer a number of ways for customers to use SharePoint to access and analyze information held within Microsoft Dynamics GP. However, I still hear the occasional Partner sound a bit hesitant to talk about these features with customers and prospects because they don't have the technical experience or training to deploy them. Starting now, I personally will not accept that excuse any longer!

An entirely new training course, titled "Using SharePoint Technology with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010" has just released to arm Partners with the technical know-how to deploy and setup nearly any integration they desire between SharePoint and Dynamics GP! The course covers the gamut of SharePoint and Dynamics GP integrations. Workflow. Business Portal. Executive Center and Reporting. External Lists. SharePoint Designer. InfoPath Forms Services. The list goes on and on!

You can read more about what this course will offer here, or go to PartnerSource now to download the student manual:

The course itself will be available to CPLS's for scheduling in-class training the end of November, and once classes are created you will be able to find them and register here:

Lastly, if you are a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), you can also access the MCT download center to grab the instructor notes, PowerPoint slides, and Virtual Images that go along with the course!


Comments (2)

  1. Anne-Claire McAllister says:

    I am very excited to here about this class.  I have been asking for this class for a while now.  The links to the course description and manual do not seem to be active yet.  I'll keep trying these links in the future to get more information.  I am looking forward to getting our people signed up for this course.

  2. Thanks Anne! The link seems to work for others here, so perhaps you could try again or from another computer?


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