COMING SOON: Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP!

In my blog post two weeks ago about Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 releasing, I made a brief mention of some online services coming on-board soon. While I was short on details in that post, today I'm extremely happy to announce exactly what those services are and when they will be available!

Beginning November 1st, 2010, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners and Customers will have access to the following services:

• Payment Services: Enables customers to accept electronic payments via credit or debit cards, directly through the ERP, by phone or through an online solution. This service integrates to Receivables Management and Sales Order Processing, and is available with Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 5 and Dynamics GP 2010 Service Pack 1 effective November 1st, 2010.  Customers of any licensing edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP (BE, AM, Pro, and Standard) who are current on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) will have free access to this functionality. I should note that the typical transaction fees will apply of course, however the provider agreements for accepting credit cards are handled by the payment providers and customers themselves...not through Microsoft.

For Partners who may have customers or prospects interested in this functionality, go sign-up today for the upcoming Partner Readiness webinar focused on these new Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Also, be sure to check out all of the new resources posted on PartnerSource and CustomerSource to learn more:


I think these services will be a huge benefit for many of our customers and prospects, and for a long time now I have heard these types of features on the wish list of many Partners. I am definitely looking forward to November 1st when these services become a reality!




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  1. Ed says:

    I have a client who will be upgrading to GP 2010 and i'm wondering about integration between GP and their web store.  specifically about bi-directional communications.  They'd like to sync order and inventory information.  Any information you have would be great – i can be reached directly at



  2. Yes, with eConnect or Web Services you can create a two integration.

  3. Liam says:

    Hi Errol, thanks for the blog post.

    I have a similar question to Ed's. Are there any examples or samples that you know of which illustrate how to use eConnect or Web Services between a web store and GP 2010?



  4. Pam Misialek says:

    I'm not aware of any best practices around using webservices or eConnect to link to a website.  The Microsoft support team may have some advice.

  5. Updates says:

    Errol, where can we find the latest info on Commerce Services?

  6. Pam Misialek says:

    The Commerce Services strategy has shifted and will not be available in the near future.  When we have dates to share on when this functionality will be available,  we will do another blog post.

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