Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 RTM "CoreMR" VPC is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Hello everyone,

It is with great excitement, we are announcing the availability of the first of two Microsoft Dynamics GP RTM VPC images.  The VPC that is available starting today is called “CoreMR.”  Many of you have been waiting for a new and improved RTM version of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 VPC’s and we are here to say that the first VPC is finally here!  Here are the details:

VPC...Yep, you heard correctly.

Many of you are aware that we adopted HyperV technology for the BETA Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Technical Demonstration Toolkits.  HyperV really gave us some great performance gains and allow us to truly demo the full Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 solution by supporting 64-bit guest operating systems (required by Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.)  With this technology, it also presented some administrative challenges (running HyperV on your laptops….etc.)  Well, we listened.  “CoreMR” utilizes the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 platform.

Why did you name this new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 RTM VPC “CoreMR?”

We named the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 RTM VPC “CoreMR” because it is designed for more of the “Business Essentials” type demonstrations.  These demonstrations focus more around the “Core” back-office functionality that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 has to offer.  Of course, when you are demoing this “Core” functionality, it is often a requirement to demonstrate Financial Reporting/Corporate Performance Management…..i.e.  “MR” or better known as Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  We have also included Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus.  Functionality like Workflow and Business Portal are NOT enabled on this VPC.  In all, this new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 RTM “CoreMR” is a very streamlined, yet powerful demonstration tool.

What Are the Key Programs Installed?

1.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (RTM) – FULL INSTALL

2. Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

3. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2

4. Microsoft SQL Server 2008

5. Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder 2.0

6. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SRS Reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

7. Microsoft Office 2010 – Professional Plus

8. Word Forms for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

9. Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures

10. Advanced Human Resources and Payroll

11. Extender, SmartList Builder, Excel Report Builder and Navigation List Builder

PartnerSource Download Page:{7D4EB861-2321-43A4-943D-DAD61342978A}&NRORIGINALURL=/partnersource/deployment/methodology/vpc/MSDYGP2010_RTM_CoreMR_TechDemoToolkit&NRCACHEHINT=Guest&wa=wsignin1.0


When you download and extract the files for the new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 RTM “Core-Plus” VPC, you will see an IMPORTANT INFORMATION folder.  This folder contains the “How To Setup and Use “CoreMR.”  This document is a KEY document which contains important information on how to setup and use the new “CoreMR” VPC.  The VPC Skills Builder Best Practices document is another key document that can help you optimize the performance of the VPC.  You will also see the zipped up: Online MR Training Course (There are no training manuals for MR at this time.)  Within this folder, you will find word docs and power points that are very informative regarding Management Reporter.  We have also included the help files for the Professional Services Tools Library.  This toolset can help you customize Microsoft Dynamics GP Master Record Data….etc.  Finally, you will find a Extender/SmartListBuilder/Excel Report Builder Demonstration Script.  For your information, this “IMPORTANT INFORMATION” Folder is also on the Desktop of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 RTM “CoreMR” VPC.

Will you be releasing an all-encompassing VPC that will include functionality like Business Portal and Workflow?

Yes.  We will soon be releasing a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 RTM “Core-Plus” VPC.  Yep, another demonstration image on Microsoft Virtual PC!!  Of course, this will have all the features of Core and then “Plus.”  This VPC will have key functionality like Workflow and Business Portal.  With “Core-Plus,” you will be able to demo between 90-95% of the total solution.  Again, unfortunately Microsoft Virtual PC only supports 32 Bit guest operating systems, so we will not be able to integrate with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (new External List functionality.)

What about HyperV?

We will also be converting “CoreMR” and “CorePlus” over to the HyperV platform, for those of you who choose to utilize HyperV.  This will take place in mid-late September.

What about a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Integrated VPC?

In October, we will be taking the aforementioned “CoreMR” VPC and installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and the Connector For Microsoft Dynamics.  We will likely provide a HyperV version as well.

Important Points to Remember:

1.  You must utilize the .vmc (virtual machine configuration) file that gets extracted with the .vhd (virtual hard disk) file in order for the “CoreMR” VPC to function correctly.

2. We promoted this machine to be a domain controller for Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

3. Please pay close attention to the IMPORTANT INFORMATION folder that gets extracted from the .rar files.  (It is also located on the Desktop of the “CoreMR” VPC

4. The “CoreMR” VPC is only supported on the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 platform.  You will not be able to utilize the new Windows7 Virtual PC Platform.  (In some cases, you may need to uninstall Windows7 Virtual PC from your laptops as it cannot “Coexist” on the same machine with Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1.

5. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Support Team does NOT provide technical support for VPC’s.  If you have a question, please contact your regional Partner Technology Advisor.  If you have general feedback regarding the new “CoreMR” VPC, feel free to email:

I would like to say a very special thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP/GP Demonstration Toolkit v-team.  John Dooley, Lyle Curry, Jason Siever, you all spent countless hours on these new demonstration toolkits.  I cannot thank you enough for the hundreds of hours you all put in to make this project a success!!  I would also like to thank Corey Davidson’s Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Support Team for being instrumental in the build process of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 RTM “CoreMR” Technical Demonstration Toolkit.  In reality, so many people were involved in helping us build these VPC’s!  I know I am forgetting some additional team members who helped with this project, so I apologize in advance.  Thanks again!

Happy Demoing everyone!

Ben Corwin, John Dooley, Lyle Curry and Jason Siever (the GP 2010 VPC v-team)

P.S.  As many of you have experienced, the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 BETA images expired on 8/31/10.  There is no easy way to reset the expiration date for these virtual machines.  You will need to download and utilize “CoreMR” for your immediate demonstrations.  “Core-Plus” will be available within the next two weeks.  Please have your partners download this new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 RTM “CoreMR” Technical Demonstration Toolkit as soon as possible in order to avoid any demo interruptions!

Comments (3)

  1. Juan Carlos Fernández says:


    Do you know when the Dynamics GP 2010 RTM hyperV version and also the Dynamics GP 2010 RTM Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 "Light-Up" hyperV Technical demonstration toolkit is going to be released?

  2. The HyperV version should be released soon. While we don't have an official date, the team is working on wrapping this project up now.

  3. Eric says:

    Hello, I was wondering if theres a location not on partnersource or customersource for downloading the GP10 VPC image? I'm currently not a customer/partner but would like to practice for certification.

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