New format…and missing posts!

As I'm certain you've noticed, the MSDN blog platform got a "makeover" this weekend, as we now have an updated platform that provides some new avenues for sharing our blog content across multiple channels and platforms. Along with this new platform, it appears as though some of our most recent posts have gone missing! Besides working on getting these blogs re-posted, we also have some formatting work to do it appears.  All will come in due time, so thanks for your patience and we hope you like the new format!


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  1. Ed Nielsen says:


    Have you seen any demos of powerpoint using a GP database

  2. Hi Ed,

    I'm assuming you meant PowerPivot?! If so, yes we have an example of using PowerPivot with Dynamics GP.  View the first video on this page for a view (plus a bunch of other integrations with GP 2010!):…/VideoGallery.aspx


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