Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Microsoft CRM 4.0/ Microsoft CRM Online Connector Now Available!

We are very happy to announce the availability of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector Feature Pack #3 for Microsoft Dynamics GP.   It will be available on Partner Source today!

The most important aspect of this release is the support for integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0/Microsoft CRM Online  and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010!!!

It is also important to note that this new Connector will also be compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and Microsoft CRM 4.0/Microsoft CRM Online.

This Feature Pack #3 also includes:

  • Registration Keys Support (When Installing the Connector)
  • Support for Distributed Discovery and Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM servers
  • Additional Microsoft Dynamics GP Object Providers: Vendor, Applicant and Purchase Order
  • PickListSync Utility – The Ability to Choose Source and Destination Adapters and Source and Destination Sites

Thanks to Jeff Hensel’s Team for their fantastic work and quick turn-around on building a Connector between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0/Microsoft CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010!

Please remember to have your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners order the Connector for their new customers (0$ SKU on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Price List.)  Even though we are not charging license fees for the Connector, it is imperative that Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners order the Connector for their new customers because they will receive registration keys (once ordered) that will now be required when installing the Connector.  Partners of existing customers can simply download the new Connector and install it over the top of their existing  installation.  (It is always a good practice to export your maps out before installing J…so you can re-import them if you need to.)  Once installed, existing customers can then re-enter the registration keys they received when they previously ordered the Connector.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners are still required to have a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner order the Connector for them as it is not available on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM pricelist.

Here is the PartnerSource link for the Connector: 

PartnerSource Link:



Comments (2)

  1. Vineeta says:


    I have purchased the Connector…

    But i am disappointed that .. after integration .. the CRM order becomes disabled , and Fulfill Order option is changed to Submit, which is not Accepted in our Company.

    Any other Solutions?

  2. Pam Misialek says:

    Yes, the Connector doesn’t support updates from the CRM order to GP, so any editing on the CRM side would not be reflected in GP.  

    GP becomes the “master” for the sales order once it’s submitted to the ERP, which makes sense from a business process since order fulfillment happens through the ERP in an integrated environment for most customers.

    There may be other options, but it would require custom work in CRM or in the Connector or using a 3rd party like SmartConnect or Scribe.


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