Management Reporter for Dynamics GP Available for Download

Hello everyone.

Management Report has released and is available to download.  You can get it from the Dynamics GP 2010 download area.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Data Provider for Management Reporter

Latest Download

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Latest Download

CustomerSource Download Links Available at:


For updated information on Management Reporter view this site.  It includes the current roadmap, fact sheets and other information.



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  1. Manuel says:

    What impresses me the most about this blog and its articles is the misguided understanding on your side that this is only read by partners.  As a customer links to articles in partnersource does not do me any good.

    Just our 2 customer cents.

  2. Matt S says:

    Is management reporter compatible with version 10 or just 2010?

  3. Our apologies Manuel. We definitely believe Customers are also a big portion of our readers, and we strive to include CustomerSource links where applicable (see here for example: However, in this scenario we missed this.  You can find the CustomerSource downloads for the Management Reporter installs mentioned on this blog here:

    You’ll find them linked under the "Related Downloads" section. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Matt, MR is only compatible with GP 2010 with this most recent release.  

  5. You are right, we sometimes forget about who is reading our blog.  Thank you for the reminder.  I updated the original posting with the CustomerSource links.


  6. TeriM says:

    The MR Evaluation Edition that is on the Light Up GP2010 HyperV is expired! Is there a fix? or workaround? I have to demo next week! 🙂



  7. Michael G says:

    what is the cost of MR???

  8. Pam Misialek says:

    In the current pricing model, MR Designers are including with every full user.  Additional are available for purchase, but are normally not needed.  MR Viewers are including with the Light User.  In the new model MR will be unlimited MR users in the starter pack for no additional costs.  Existing Customers who had FRx received MR for no additional charge back in May of 2010.

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