Download Available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

It is an exciting time in the Microsoft Dynamics GP world.  The buzz all started back in January with our TAP program and beta release.  Then Microsoft field and partner readiness events started in February and March building more buzz in our community.  Now after an energized Convergence with Dynamics GP 2010 being introduced to our customers and the world, many in our community have praised this release.  Exciting!


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 is available for download on CustomerSource and PartnerSource in International and US English!


PartnerSource Download

CustomerSource Download


Important Notes:

·        Partner and Customer accounts are being updated at the moment.  If you do not see your account updated, please check back in a day or so, eventually it will be.  It may take a couple weeks to get all the keys updated.

·        Customers and Partners will not be receiving media automatically.  They can request media to be shipped for a small fee to cover costs in a couple months.  We are moving a green software distribution, pushing it to online download.

·        Hardware requirements have changed.  System Requirements and  Web Application System Requirements .



The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Landing Page includes all of the information related to Dynamics GP 2010 including:

·        Technical Readiness & Demo Resources (Demo Images, Presentations)

·        Sales & Marketing (Thru-Partner Event Materials, Messaging Highlights, Collateral including What What’s New and Top 10)

·        Pricing & Licensing (Announcements and FAQ’s)


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this fantastic release.  Congratulations!

Pam M

Comments (7)

  1. Charles says:

    I successfully downloaded the new media and successfully installed at our test server. Regarding the download, what would be the differences if any with the one on-coming in the CD as i have ordered one and am waiting?

    I also realized that unlike the previous versions it does not specify whether it’s a server or client platform during installation. I would appreciate more information regarding the above.



  2. The CD is the exact same as the download, so you should be good to go!

  3. Wildo says:

    how to enable windows users authentication?

    it s already installed on win server 2008 and published automaticly on iis 7

    but when users try to browse a pop up windows asking for username and password

    please help

  4. Dynamics GP does not offer WIndows Authentication at this time. The security is SQL based and therefore requires you to setup new users initially with the SQL 'sa' user.

  5. victor mortera says:

    is this accurate to enter a invoices for suppliers

  6. Quinttin says:

    Hi charles i want do download de microsoft GP where i can download it for a presentation?

  7. Pam Misialek says:

    The links to download are in this post.  You can also download it from msdn.

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