Time flies when you are…

launching a product at Convergence! Wow. What a whirlwind of a few days for the entire Microsoft Dynamics GP team! For anyone who wanted to “follow along” with us on the blog while at Convergence, we have to apologize for our lack of regular updates. Trust me when I say it wasn’t because we didn’t have anything to share! The last few days have been jam packed with many sessions, demos, 1:1 and 1:many meetings, press and analyst events, prospect luncheons, Customer & Partner receptions, and much, much more.  And the buzz we are hearing at all of these events around GP 2010 is absolutely phenomenal!

This has easily been one of the most successful Convergence events for Microsoft Dynamics GP in recent memory. While I will not go into all of the details, here are some of my favorite “highlights of the day” from the week…

Day 1 (Sunday):

  • Significant coverage of our GP 2010 release in Stephen Elop’s keynote address to around 8 thousand attendees, including a prime-time demo showcasing MANY of the great new features coming in this new version!
  • Immediately after the keynote, we held our GP General Session to a very full audience…Errol and team did a great job showcasing GP 2010. And if you love Dogs, I’m sure you loved the session (you had to be there!).

Day 2:

  • LOTS of activity at the Expo stations and great attendance for many of the GP sessions.  All Conference long we’ve had Customers, Partners, and Prospects visit our booth asking to see the new features of GP 2010. It is fun to watch people “Oooh” and “Aaaah” when they see some of the great things this release delivers!
  • I personally got a chance to sit in on 3 GP sessions on Monday (a rarity that I REALLY enjoyed) and each one was packed with many people standing in each session. Our GP presenters were awesome and deserve a ton of credit for all the hard work they put into these presentations.

Day 3:

  • With a shorter Expo schedule today, there were lots of people scrambling to get in those last minute questions, demo requests, and seeking what was left of each booth’s “trinkets and trash!” Even though it is the last day, I still saw full rooms in sessions and interactive discussions…these attendees are SERIOUS about learning all they can about GP before they leave here!

We want to thank all of the Customers, Partners, and Prospects who came to Atlanta for Convergence this year. We realize that for many, the thought of passing on the conference and saving some budget was a very real and possible scenario. THANK YOU for giving up your own time (and your company’s money!) to learn more about what Dynamics GP can do for your business.  We hope it was valuable and that we’ll see you next year when Convergence returns to Atlanta!


PS: If you were at the conference, please comment and let us know what you liked or did NOT like so we can make next year’s event even better!

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  1. Matt says:

    So… It’s May 1st, and I don’t see any Dynamics GP 2010 download on your website.  What gives?

  2. Hi Matt,

    Our apologies…the File Exchange system we use to post large files to PartnerSource and CustomerSource went down on Friday and wasn’t back up and running on Saturday. I believe the team is working on this and we hope to get the GP 2010 download posted ASAP.  Thanks for your patience…we too can’t wait for it to be avaialble for our Customers and Partners to download!


  3. Chicago John says:

    Hey Andy…I was at the conference and wanted to give you guys some kudos.  I’ve been working with GP since the DOS days.  The GP 2010 release delivers "big time" on the vision that was expressed more than 4 years ago at Convergence.  Congratulations to you, Errol, and the team for a job well done!

    As far as feedback on the conference is concerned…well…of course everyone I talked to misses the "Doug Burgum" style Key Notes and the absense of a Matt G warm-up was, well…in a word…devestating!

    With that said, the Shawn Payton session was both inspirational and thought provoking.  So, more of that type of content would be ideal.

    The GP general session was decent, as it always is.  The audience wants to see demos, demos, demos…you guys are all over that.


  4. Thanks for the great feedback John! Thanks for joining us in Atlanta…hope to see you back there next year. 🙂


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