Feature of the Day: Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Modules: Included in Payables Management, Purchase Order Processing, Receivables Management, Sales Order Processing, Collections Management, Invoicing, Field Service, Project Accounting, and Payroll

Why this feature is cool!

Have you had a question for the salesperson when entering a sales invoice?  Have you played phone tag with a vendor to find out if they have an item in stock?  Have you had a customer ask if they can send an order over an instant message?

For customers using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Office Communicator 2007, these tasks become easier and your employees will be more productive because now you can see the contact’s communicator status directly within Dynamics GP.  If they show available, you can contact them directly through Office Communicator, start a video call, initiate a phone call, or choose to send them an email.  And you can choose to create an order directly from an instant message conversation without having to navigate to the right window and enter the correct vendor or customer!

  • Presence can display for customers, vendors, employees and salespeople

  • Messenger address is entered for a contact associated with a master record address

  • Presence will display in transaction entry and inquiry windows throughout the application

  • Drill back tasks are added to Office Communicator

    • Create a quote, order or invoice

    • Create a purchase order

  • View customer or vendor information (to the Card Maintenance windows)

  • Communicate with different messaging applications (at your Vendor or Customer sites)

    • Office Communicator

    • Live Messenger

    • Yahoo Messenger and others 

What does it look like?

Presence on the Vendor Maintenance card (Cards > Purchasing > Vendor)


Communicator Actions:


Comments (9)

  1. Moscow says:

    This blog has been created to share useful information. Thanks and greetings!

  2. cat1tac says:

    This is really cool.  It will totally change the way people opperate and communicate today inside of Dynamics GP.  Congratulations to those who had the vision to put this into Dynamics GP.  


  3. how can GP 10 user use this feature

  4. Ra Jeffrey says:

    Does anyone know if this feature will work or be enhanced for the upcomming Office 2010 Communicator?

  5. Hi Mohammed,

    This feature will only be available in GP 2010. Thanks,


  6. Yes! We WILL be doing compatibility testing with Office Communicator 2010 once it is released. Thanks,


  7. matt landis says:

    I am both a Dynamics GP partner and a OCS communications partner. I laud Microsoft for making this OCS integration–it is incredible and shows off Microsoft’s strengths.

    One area that seems to be a big oversight–there isn’t a way to dial regular phone numbers. OCS w/Enterprise Voice has the capability of dialing regular phone numbers directly from Communicator. But ths integration doesn’t light up inside GP.

    Maybe I’m missing something,




  8. Hey Matt! Thanks for the comment. You are correct that with GP 2010 we are not passing the phone # from the vendor/customer card to OCS. It’s an excellent idea however so we’ll add this to the list of potential enhancements for the feature in a future release/feature pack.  Thanks again!


  9. matt landis says:

    hey Andy!

    I wasn’t paying attention to who was commenting!

    This communication ability inside is really impressive. We just demo’s it to a company and it really positions gp as standing out in the crowd.

    Take care


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