Feature of the Day: General Ledger Budget Transactions

General Ledger Budget Transactions

Module: General Ledger

Why this feature is cool!

In many businesses, there is a defined budget process.  Budgets are sent to departments, and then combined into a single budget for the next year.  Once a budget is set, users want to formalize any changes against it.  In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, you have the ability to track and formalize the budget change process with Budget Transactions.

  • Budget Transactions
    • Create Budget batches
    • Post budget transactions to commit changes
    • Track optional budget history
    • Budget Inquiry available to view changes

What does it look like?

Budget Transaction Entry (Transactions > Financials > Budget Transactions)


Budget Transactions Inquiry (Inquiry > Financials > Budget Transaction Summary)


Comments (4)

  1. Michelle says:

    Getting an error on this one ?

    This journal number has been used.  Please try another – when you post

    I have tried to type in my own – but still the same error


  2. I’m not getting any errors. Could be a setup issue perhaps, you may want to check with our support team or the CustomerSource newsgroups on the Dynamics Community site to see if anyone there can assist.

  3. TeriM says:

    I received the same error on the image. Had to go change the setup journal number for budgets and changed to like 10000, instead of 1. That takes care of it.

  4. Aaah, thanks for the tip Teri! I wasn’t trying this on the image, but rather on my local install so was not seeing the error. Didn’t realize the VPC image had the issue.  Thanks again!


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