Feature of the Day: Rapid Migration Tool – Auto Number Accounts

Rapid Migration Tool - Auto Number Accounts

Module: Rapid Implementation Tools: Rapid Migration Tool v1.1

Why this feature is cool!

When migrating from Intuit QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP, a valid account number for every account is required. Unfortunately, QuickBooks provides the ability to create a new account without requiring a number – often leaving many accounts with a name, but not a number. When importing this QuickBooks data into Microsoft Dynamics GP using the Rapid Migration Tool v1.1, the Auto Number Accounts feature will automatically assign a number when an account number is missing using standard chart of accounts formatting. The event is noted in the log file and the migration process continues without forcing the user to quit the migration and make changes to their QuickBooks data. The user may edit the number prior to importing into Dynamics GP should they prefer to modify it.

What does it look like?

Log File example:


The preview window of the Rapid Migration Tool where Account Numbers can be edited prior to import:


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