Three Users for a Buck!

Microsoft is excited to announce “Three Users for a Buck” - a Microsoft Dynamics (U.S.) promotion targeting growing and medium-sized businesses that wish to take advantage of the rich functionality, low cost of ownership, and rapid deployability offered by Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The promotion allows customers to purchase their first three Advanced Management (AM) or Business Essential (BE) user licenses for $1 (US).  This offer applies to new customers making their initial purchase of Microsoft Dynamics GP.    The offer is effective Monday, March 15, 2010, and available until end of business day Friday, July 1, 2010, all new customers may be eligible to take advantage of this special offer.  Please refer to PartnerSource for full details (click here for the PartnerSource Offer Page)



Comments (5)

  1. Really?  Are you saying a small business could get onto GP for a license investment of just $3 for 3 users?  No other fees?  Would annual enhancement be priced at normal license values?


  2. Actually Ron, it would cost them $1 for 3 users. 🙂 They would have to agree to a 3 year enhancement plan based on the full value of the licenses, with only the first year of enhancement paid up front (years 2 and 3 would be paid as they come due).  It truly is a GREAT deal for customers considering making the switch to GP!!


  3. Sam Issa says:

    Any thoughts about making this promo available in the UK?



  4. Hi Sam,

    The offer was created by the US Sub for the US of course, so I can’t say for certain whether the UK will be doing something similar or not.  We’ll be sure to post something here if they do!


  5. That is a great offer, but what about for small orgainzations with only 2-5 users.  A program like that would also be a really great, affordable way for them to grow their users base.


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