Feature of the Day: Billing Frequency Options on Contracts

Billing Frequency Options on Contracts

Module: Contract Administration

Why this feature is cool!

Within Contract Administration of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, you can now bill in an unlimited user-defined set of billing frequencies.  You can even specify to bill just once!  To utilize this new feature, you now specify 3 fields:

  • Type: Options are “At” or “Every”

  • Interval: Enter an integer value

  • Frequency: Select from a drop-down list of Days, Weeks, Months or Years

What does it look like?

Contract Entry/Update window (Transactions > Contract Administration > Contract Entry/Update)


Comments (2)
  1. TeriM says:

    Any changes to Revenue Recognition options?

  2. ConstanceT says:

    NO! We were hoping for that as well….status quo!

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