Feature of the Day: Vendor Workflow

Vendor Workflow

Why this feature is cool!

When a new vendor is added to the system, there is certain data that needs to be entered in Vendor Maintenance.  Often times this information is entered by multiple individuals and involves a step by step process.  Furthermore, there might be tasks that need to be done outside of the system, such as ensuring that there is a signed contract with the vendor.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 will incorporate a new vendor workflow that will provide users the ability to route vendors for approval and assign actionable tasks to users to help facilitate the setting up of a new vendor.  

· Vendor tasks are displayed in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint (Windows SharePoint Services or Office SharePoint Server).

· The vendor can be routed to one or more people for approval or to complete an actionable task.

· The conditions in which a vendor can be routed can be specific to each business.  (Example:  Route to a user if a shipping method doesn’t exist.)

· If users are out of office, their approval tasks can be automatically routed to another user to act on their behalf.

· If a user does not take action on their task, there are various options for escalating the vendor for approval.

· The workflow history of a vendor approval is consolidated and easily visible within Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft SharePoint.

· When a vendor is approved, the person submitting the vendor workflow (an originator) will receive a notification that the vendor has been approved.

What does it look like?

Vendor Maintenance (Cards >> Purchasing >> Vendors)

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