Feature of the Day: Drill Thru to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Drill Thru to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Module: System

Why this feature is cool!

Enables users to view a report and drill thru to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 form that contains the actual record.

· New Dynamics GP protocol handler allows drill thru from any external location that provides hyperlinks

· Creates a seamless link between external reports and data within the Microsoft Dynamics GP application

· Twenty-three drill back fields across multiple reports

· Additional detail reports are available to display information pertaining to data point selected in the metric

· Supports multiple drill fields on each detailed report

· Drill back fields can be added by Partners, ISV’s, and Customers to new or existing reports

What does it look like?

SSRS Metric (from GP Home Page, SSRS Report Manager, or Microsoft SharePoint)


When you click on a data point in the metric, a detailed report or metric appears displaying additional information


On the detailed report, additional fields (such as SOP Number, Item Number, Customer Name, Salesperson ID) are drill thru enabled to take you back to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 application and relevant window (Customer Card below)


Comments (5)

  1. NICE!  All of the world’s business analysts for GP thank you.

  2. John F says:

    Just wondering what one has to do to set this up in the Beta – I tried clicking on a Datapoint in my "Number of Late Shipments for the past 10 days" and didn’t get the detail report ? – perhaps its not yet in the beta ?

  3. Hi John,

    I do believe that the drull thru wasn’t setup on all reports as of Beta, but will be enabled on more reports at release.  If you are drilling from the Home Page, try holding down the SHIFT key when you click on the metric.


  4. Gwen C says:

    Can you provide a list of all of the metrics in GP 2010?

  5. Hi,

    Does the Dynamics GP protocol handler work on Terminal Server with multiple users?  Does it need a special configuration?  

    From what we can see, Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.ProtocolHandler.exe seems to create a named pipe to Dynamics GP when it is called.  However, the first user making a call to the the Protocol Handler owns the resulting named pipe and it's NOT available to other users until (1) he releases it by closing GP and (2) the other users must restart GP in order to take the "ownership" of the protocol handler.


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