Management Reporter Update

Have you heard that Management Reporter is now in beta?  Whether you are interested in downloading the beta or not, the information on these link is what you need to know about Management Reporter.

They have functionality lists, plans for future releases, migration guides, and tons of stuff.  Check it out!

CustomerSource Management Reporter Pre-Release

PartnerSource Management Reporter Pre-Release


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  1. bcool says:

    It appears that IIS is required for Management Reporter. So, that means we’ll need to install and support a web server now in order to run our financial reports?

  2. In the Management Reporter client-server architecture, the IIS server is used as the middleware to handle all processing from the client.  While some customers may not desire to run IIS, I hope they will see the tremendous value offered by MR, including increased performance, usability, and advanced reporting features that FRx never had.  


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