Feature of the Day: E-mail Attachment Options

E-mail – Attachment Options

Module: System

Why this feature is cool!

The email feature for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 will provide the user with the option to either embed the document into the body of the e-mail or attach the document to the e-mail. If the user selects to attach the document to the email, they can choose from following file types: PDF, XPS, DOCX or HTML.  Furthermore, if the user chooses to attach the document to the email, they will have the additional option of attaching multiple documents to one email, or sending each document in an individual email. 

· Embed or Attach options can be defined per customer or vendor.

· Sending multiple attachments can be defined per customer or vendor.

· The file type attachment can be selected per customer or vendor, for each document type that they email.

· When sending as HTML, the report writer version of the report will be attached.  The Microsoft Word forms feature is NOT required for this attachment type.  Microsoft Word 2007 does NOT need to be installed.

· When sending as DOCX, the Microsoft Word form version of the report will be attached.  Microsoft Word 2007 does NOT need to be installed.

· When sending as XPS, the Microsoft Word form version of the report will be attached. Microsoft Word 2007 DOES need to be installed on the client.

· When sending as PDF, the Microsoft Word form version of the report will be attached. Microsoft Word 2007 DOES need to be installed on the client.  (Adobe writer does not need to be installed)

What does it look like?

(Cards | Sales | Customer | E-mail button)

Comments (19)

  1. SantoshSurti says:


    Do we have step by step on How to configure Email Option?

    I have checked What’s new Document but it doesn’t have sufficient information.



  2. Definitely!  Open the online help in the GP 2010 client (F1), and do a search for "e-mail setup checklist".  The Help file is FULL of topics devoted to helping you set this up, and this checklist is your best resource for getting started.  Good luck!


  3. Will the ability to send PDF documents require a separate purchase and license for Adobe PDF Writer?

  4. No, provided you have Microsoft Word on the machine, you can send as PDF without having to purchase Adobe PDF Writer.  Thanks!


  5. irene.boyce@xtra.co.nz says:

    Hi, is the "e-mail setup checklist" available on help in the GP2010 Beta version?

  6. Yes, this setup checklist is a part of the updated Online Help in the Dynamics GP 2010 beta install (which you can access by clicking F1 when in the application).


  7. irene.boyce@xtra.co.nz says:

    Hi, F1 does not work in the beta version I have.  I have found help available on Email Setups and have followed all of them.  IE.

    From the GP Setup.exe have installed MS Dynamics GP AddIn for Word Templates.

    GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Email Settings – have also set this up

    Then from this window have setup one Vendor and Debtor

    Next go into Reports >> Template Configuration and configure Word Template functionality – Assigned both Vendor/Debtor and Company.  When I try to print out a blank PO, it’s telling me I need to ACTIVATE WORD TEMPLATE FUNCTIONALITY.  I have not been able to find a "checklist" as such which covers each setup step which would be helpful.

  8. Let me ping some people and see if they have any ideas on how to help.  Stay tuned,


  9. irene.boyce@xtra.co.nz says:

    Hi Andy, thanks for that.  I’ve downloaded, and installed.  This hasn’t fixed the issue however, when I try and mark all CUSTOMERS it marks them, and I click on save.  However, when I go into the Assign customers again, they have not been saved as marked.  Could this be the problem?

    Cheers and warm regards,


  10. irene.boyce@xtra.co.nz says:

    Hi Andy, please disregard my last message.  I just needed to re-start GP.  Email functionality now working GREAT!!  This is a big step for GP, means that many of those troublesome TP products can now be dropped!!

    Cheers and thanks heaps for your help and patience.


  11. Glad to hear you’ve got it working!  Take care Irene. 🙂


  12. Robin says:

    Is there a way to permanently enter an email address in the customer or vendor card so it does not have to be re-entered with each transactions?

  13. Robin, YES you can!  Go into the Vendor or Customer card and pull up a record.  Next to the "Address ID" field, there is an icon with a "i". Click on this to open the Intenet Information window. There is a section here for Email Addresses. Populate this and next time you create a transaction, it will auto-populate that address for you!


  14. BNP says:

    I am also having a hard time with F1.  I'm not on Beta, so I'm not sure if I should click on the same link that you suggested for Irene.  I've populated all of the fields, but it's not generating any emails.  I'm not sure what I"m doing wrong.

  15. Bernard says:

    Does the email manager give you the option to attach a user defined file as an added attachment. ie, supporting documentation to an invoice ie an email printed to PDF.

  16. Heather says:

    Can I email several different customers  from order/backorder status?  When I click the email button it will only send email to address in Customer card.  I want to be able to change the email address on the fly.  Can I do it?

  17. Pam Misialek says:

    Yes you can for quotes, orders, invoices and returns.  In the transaction entry window next to the customer id field to the right of the note field there is a button.  It has a picture of a letter on it.

    Good Luck!

  18. Oleg says:

    What would really be nice is when the batch contains mix of invoices where some need to be printed and some emailed and the system was "smart" enough to handle that!

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