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Why this feature is cool!

This feature allows users to quickly and easily e-mail single documents, batches of documents, and/or multiple documents from a list within the system.  The user can select which documents they would like to send and also select which customers/vendors should receive their documents in e-mail.  This feature also integrates to the Microsoft Word forms feature shipping in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (coming in a later Feature of the Day update!).  Therefore, the user can send the customized Microsoft Word forms that they have created to their customers and vendors.

· Documents Supported:  Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Fulfillment Order, Sales Invoice, Receivables Invoice, Receivables Return, Receivables Debit Memo, Receivables Credit Memo, Receivables Finance Charges, Receivables Warranty, Receivables Service/Repair, Standard Purchase Order, Blanket Purchase Order, Drop Ship Purchase Order, Drop Ship Blanket Purchase Order, Vendor Remittances

· Documents can be sent as either an HTML, XPS, PDF, or DOCX attachment

· Documents can be embedded into the body of the e-mail.

· Customized messages can be created for each document and customer/vendor combination.

· Multiple documents can be combined and sent in a single e-mail.

· Documents can be sent to a To, CC or BCC address.

· Can direct replies to a specific individual or address.

What does it look like?

Setup (Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Company | E-mail Settings):


E-mail Detail Entry (the E-mail Detail Entry expansion off of Customer ID):


E-mailing from a List (Send in E-Mail button)


Comments (44)
  1. Santosh says:


    This is very much required feature…

    This is great freature included in Dynamics GP 2010.


  2. timothy richardson says:

    My company is currently on GP 10 but I don’t see this feature. What service pack should I be on to see this feature?

  3. Sorry Timothy, this is a NEW feature coming in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, set to release later this year.  


  4. HFLo says:

    does it support other mail systems apart from outlook?

  5. Yes, this feature will work with any MAPI compliant email client.  Thanks!


  6. Trevor says:

    Do you know if this allows a batch of invoices to be emailed and then automatically add attachments from a file share?

  7. You can email a group of invoices from a List in Dynamics GP, and it will include as an attachment the Microsoft Word invoice (or in the format of PDF/XPS/HTML).  It does not include capabilities to add additional file attachments from a file share however.


  8. Trevor says:

    Well it seems like it should be something relatively easy to add. I created a solution in excel years ago using VBA that would create an email programmatically and attach a file based on the path in a cell in the spreadsheet.

    When we invoice a customer we need to include backup for the invoice, which might a pdf scan of timesheets, receipts or something similar. Your solution doesn’t solve a basic need and we are forced to either buy a separate product or do this manually. Is this something you are interested in working on? If so I would give you my contact info.


  9. Ra Jeffrey says:

    In the screenshot for Sales E-mail Setup, I do not see an Enable Checkbox for "Sales Returns".  Can SOP Return Documents be able to be setup for e-mail?

  10. SOP Return documents are not currently included.

    As for your feedback Trevor, I’ll pass this along to development so they can add these features to the list for future consideration.  Thank you!


  11. Ra Jeffrey says:

    Unfortunately, the inability to setup e-mails for SOP Returns, or SOP Backorders (that’s missing from the screenshot too) means that we will need to continue to use a third-party software to fulfill those business needs.  I completely respect the development team, and the hard work they have done to get GP as far as they have gotten it.  But I must say I’m very disappointed.  Providing a feature for only 4 out of the 6 SOP document types seems illogical.  Please convey my disappointment to the development team.

    Thank you for everything else, though.

    – R.

  12. Thanks for the feedback Jeffrey…I will most definitely pass this feedback along.


  13. Rod King says:


    Nice feature, but it would be useful if this was more comprehensive and included Field Service Quotes and Service Call reports.

    It looks a bit of a lottery regarding only extending into email for certain apps and reports.

    Can these be added through the SDK for other reports easily?



  14. Kevin says:

    Maybe I am missing something basic, but when I tried to email a report, I was given a message "you must activate word template functionality to send documents." I can’t find where to activate the word template functionality.



  15. ktanwar says:

    in addition, it would be great to include AP inovices as well. There is a thriving cottage industry out there (3rd parties) addressing this issue – not sure why MS isn’t getting into the game.

  16. Kevin, try going to Reports >> Template Configuration and enable the Word forms for your company and documents.  For more help, click F1 and search for "e-mail setup checklist".  Take care and good luck!


  17. Michele says:

    Is there any way to track that the email was sent to the customer?  This is a common request when we talk about emailing documents from the system.

  18. Yes, there are two tables that are added to the Company database that track each email sent from the system (SY04910 and SY04915).  Hope this helps!


  19. JHershberger says:

    Is there any plans to add this feature to the payroll module? It would be helpful to be able to e-mail direct deposit slips to employees if they so choose.



  20. Thanks for the suggestion Jennifer!  We are evaluating our plans right now for future email capabilities and will make sure this is on the list!  Take care,


  21. Vip Kumar says:

    Hi, are EFT remittance advices supported?  I see Vendor Remittances on the list of supported docs but I’m not sure if that means overflow from check printing or EFT remittances.


    Vip Kumar

  22. Hi Vip,

    Yes, that is included as well in the email feature!


  23. Cindy Mikeworth says:

    Any chance this will be extended to the Invoicing module?  We have several clients that don’t need the complexity or cost of SOP.  We also use Invoicing in-house – but mostly because we started using GP before the SOP module was available, and just never needed to make the jump and leave behind our history.

  24. We have no plans to add anything to the Invoicing module including this.  Thank you for the feedback.


  25. May says:

    Does this work with SMTP mail?


  26. When will this feature be available?

  27. May – Yes!

    John – With the release of GP 2010…which is May 1st!

  28. Deronye says:

    My company is running GP 2010 and we can not figure out how to email EFT remittances.  I tried doing what I see above but under company all we have is internet information.  I figured that would be what I needed to I entered some information but we dont have a "send in email button."  Is this feature something that has to be added on or is it standard for all GP 10?

  29. Hi Deroyne,

    This feature is ONLY a part of the new GP 2010 release, which just started being available to customers today essentially. If you are using GP 10 or an older version, you will not get this feature until you upgrade to GP 2010.  Sorry for any confusion,


  30. Mark says:

    I am having the same trouble as Kevin,  I have the enable box checked,  I have looked all thru the setups and the only doc type I can email is html,  Is there a setting in word or outlook that must be made?    I have Office 2010 as well.

  31. Rova says:


    I am not using Outlook as email program.  Where do I go to setup the MAPI so that I can use the GP email functionality.  I went to Tools>Setup>Company> Email Settings and it keeps telling me that "Connection to MAPI server npot available.  Unable to send e-mail and select addresses.



  32. Hi Anna,

    What specific e-mail program are you using? Is it an application installed on your computer or one you access over the internet?


  33. Frank says:

    I am having the same problem as Anna. We are using Lotus NotesDomino as our email application and it is installed on the machine.



  34. Ranjit says:


    I am not seeing the ability to email customer statement using the new approach in GP2010 – even in R2. GP appears to be looking for the 'old' PDFwriter approach to do this.  Am I missing some setting here?



  35. No changes to email on R2 except that we added SOP Returns.  Email statements was not part of the email release in v2010.

  36. Lauren says:

    My company has GP 2010, and we do not have this feature.  What do we do?

  37. Allison says:

    I am using Outlook 2010 64 bit on Windows 7 64 bit.  I have installed GP2010 and am getting the 'Connection to the MAPI server not available' message when trying to access the Email Setup window or email any sales document.  I see on other posts that it says that this feature will only work with Office 32 bit – Is this correct?

  38. Jay Manley says:

    Allison – Currently it is only available for Office 32-bit.  You are correct.

  39. Tamara says:

    Hello Errol,

    Is there a way to email the SOP Short forms as well?  e.g. SOP Short Invoice, Short Order, etc.   Also, how about the Picking Ticket and Packing Slip?  Is that functionality available with R2 or coming soon?  I am really hoping you have a positive answer!

    Thank you!


  40. Jay Manley says:


    We support the blank forms only at this time.


  41. Teresa says:

    Hello Errol,

    Is there a way to set the email for sending invoices a specific email (Our AR) in one department, and have another department default to the GP users email?

  42. Pam Misialek says:

    There is one default email, so it does not change per role.

  43. TerryL says:

    When sending word templates via email from the SOP window, the document is only sent in the functional currency, even though the view is originating. However if you use the print button and select the send by email with the print window set as originating, the document is sent in originating currency.

    Is there a way of sending in originating currency from the main screen?

  44. Pam Misialek says:

    This was a bug that is fixed in GP 2010 Service Pack 3.


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