First Dynamics GP 2010 TAP (Beta) Customer LIVE as of noon yesterday . . .

That’s right, only 3 1/2 days after we released our beta code for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 we have our first customer running it in a full production environment.  Hats off to our development team for incredible quality on this Beta release.  Here’s a little blurb on our first live TAP customer.

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  1. DynamicsDiva says:

    Congratulations!  Quite an accomplishment.

    What is the ESTIMATE of the release of GP2010?  I can’t seem to find any information on that.

    I’ve got the page on preparing, but there is not timeline for us to plan against.


  2. Thanks!  We are getting great feedback from the TAP customers running Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and cannot wait to release the product to the masses! You can expect the release to launch in the May timeframe.  


  3. Guy says:

    So how come no updates since the end of January ? Is the beta not going well ?

  4. Sorry Guy, we’ve been a bit lazy in reporting some of the great success stories from our GP 2010 Beta apparently!  It’s gone amazingly well.  We have around 9 Customers actually running LIVE on the Beta product today (many of those within the first week or two of the Beta launching) plus a host of other Customers and Partners around the globe testing the product out.  It’s been very successful and has us all excited for May 1st when ALL of our Customers and Partners can get access to this great release!  


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