Former Sage MAS customer achieves a full ROI in 6 months!

Every now and again I find it very interesting, and at times even eye opening, to browse through our extensive library of case studies profiling customers that have moved to Microsoft Dynamics GP from a number of different ERP vendors.  Today I decided I would refresh myself on the case studies highlighting customers who migrated from a Sage solution.  One in particular that caught my eye was for Winncom Technologies, a former Sage MAS 90 customer that has experienced some VERY significant benefits since moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP (you can read the full case study here).

Wincomm Technologies deployed Microsoft Dynamics GP along with Dynamics CRM, and also rolled out Business Portal to allow key staff access to vital information and business processes through their web browser.  As a result of using these applications and technologies, they have been able to deliver improved customer service, increase revenue by 10-15% in many product lines, experience a sharp reduction in data entry errors from 15-20% to 0.00001%, and much more.  Perhaps the most impressive benefit Winncom Technologies experienced however was that they achieved a full return on investment within 6 months of implementation! 

The Director of Finance at Wincomm, Vladimir Fedorov, put it nicely as he said, “When we implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we changed the culture of our company. The system brought a contemporary feeling and responsibilities to our company that make us much more competitive in this market. Our competitors are companies 10 times larger than we are, and we can still compete with them.”

Sitting at our office in Fargo, ND, it is pretty easy to get lost in the work we do and forget about the actual impact our software can have on a business.  That is why I find it refreshing to read our case studies and learn about ACTUAL customers seeing ACTUAL benefits from using Microsoft Dynamics GP. I hope to make this a blogging habit…highlighting great customer stories from our case study library and providing even more proof of the wonderful things Microsoft Dynamics GP can do for your business!


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  1. Ian Stewart says:

    Great to see Winncom achieved such good results. More posts like this, please!! Keep up the good work.

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