Microsoft Dynamics GP “11” Preview

The buzz, have you heard the buzz building around Dynamics GP “11?”  Well, I have for a while now.  With many partners holding user group meetings, they’re asking for presentations and demos on GP “11.”  This release focuses on feature functionality combined with taking our Dynamics GP 10 innovations to the next level.  Exciting.

For partner’s to talk about what all the buzz is about, we created a PowerPoint and 2 new demos. (Thank you Andy Westby and our development friends.) 

More information will be released in the coming months, so until then use this to keep the buzz, buzzing.  And, no a full feature list is not available, yet.  We’ll release the list closer to the beta timeframe in January.

The PowerPoint includes:

  • Dynamics GP 10
  • Dynamics GP 10 Feature Pack
  • Dynamics GP 10 SP 4 (Extender, CRM Adapter)
  • Updated Dynamics GP Roadmap
  • Updated Dynamics GP 11
  • Appendix with other misc slides we get asked for.

 Download the Dynamics GP "11" Presentation Pack

Of course, any feedback, is helpful.


Comments (8)

  1. Preparation for Next version, both from marketing, sales, and technical vantage points.

  2. David McGee says:

    Want to see what Dynamics GP 11 is about

  3. Check out our Feature of the Day posts for more information about Dynamics GP 2010!


  4. Rich Lederer says:


    Great Roadshow last week in NY.  We are beginning an exciting campaign this week to educate our clients on the new release and the features.



  5. Thanks Rich! Great seeing you…glad you could make it out.  Keep me posted on how your campaign goes!


  6. Tiendq says:

    Thanks, want to know what GP 2010 is all about too.

  7. Tiendq says:

    Sadly, this presentation pack is only available to MS partners. Will it public available?

  8. We are creating other pieces for other audiences like prospects, existing customers and non-Dynamics partners.

    Some are available now and others will be added at


    Pam M

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