Virtual Convergence is Here!

I am thrilled to let you know that Virtual Convergence is now launched!  Virtual Convergence is super cool and fun.  And, Convergence Attendees get access to everything. 

Virtual Convergence Contains:

  • Keynotes (Video/Audio)

  • General Sessions (Audio/PPT/Demos)

  • Concurrent Sessions (Audio/PPT/Demos)

  • Expo Exhibitors  (Downloads/Links/Contacts)

  • Sponsors (Download/Links/Contacts)

Take a minute and visit Virtual Convergence.

Note that the general public (Non-Convergence Attendees) have access to the expo, keynotes and general sessions; they also can view one concurrent per track. 

If you’re a Convergence attendee you can ‘unlock’ the site by choosing the button in the lower left hand side:


Enter your CommNet credentials and you can view everything!

So, go out there today and re-experience your favorite session, watch one you weren’t able to get to, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Comments (16)

  1. Scott Sackville says:

    Why on earth would you want to lock the Virtual Convergence site down to non-attendees? Does our use of the site somehow water down the value received by those who attended Convergence?


  2. Hi Scott,

    We can certainly understand your desire to view ALL of the Convergence content, attendee or not.  We’ll pass along your feedback to the Convergence team that manages that site. The good news is you can access the General Sessions, so be sure not to miss the Dynamics GP sessions…TONS of great demos and good info all customers should check out.  Take care,


  3. mpolino says:

    Who do we contact if we can’t get in? I’ve tried every combo I can think of but can’t access the site. (I was at Convergence and had access to the Commnet site)


  4. There is a problem with the Attendee login and it will be corrected soon.  I will update the posting as soon as it is live.

  5. The site is now fixed and live.

  6. Wendell says:

    Is this live yet? I cannot get into it.  It has a windows live error when I go there.

  7. This IS live Wendell, and I am not seeing the error when loading the site  Are you clicking something on that page and then getting an error, or just visiting the main page and getting an error?  The site does require Silverlight is installed, perhaps that is your issue?


  8. Wendell says:

    I don’t think I have silverlight but I do have Windows live meeting.

    How do you get silverlight?

  9. Wendell says:

    I did install silverlight but I still can’t access virtual convergence.  If I click on "Virtual Convergence" from this page, it tries to go there and then gives me an error:

    The Windows live network is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:

    *The site may be experiencing a problem

    *The site may not be a memboer of the windows live network.

    I do have windows live.

    Is there somewhere else I should go to get help with this?

  10. If it isn’t installed, typically a button will be displayed on the webpage for you to download it.  Otherwise, you can download and install it from here:


  11. Strange…you could try accessing the site from a different computer perhaps as it appears to be working fine on my computer (I just launched the GP General Session w/out error).  Otherwise, I’ll see if I can find out who owns that site so they can offer better help!


  12. Wendell says:

    Did you find who is in charge of the site?

    I was able to access the site on another computer.  I would like to find out what may be the trouble with mine.  Thanks!

  13. Wendell says:

    I was able to access onto the site, I add to clear out my internet browsing & cookies.  But now I can’t log in.

    Are you able to log into the site using your commnet credentials?

    It won’t let me log in, after I enter my username & password & click submit – it clears them out and just sits there.

    Is there something else that needs done?

  14. I actually don’t remember my Commnet credentials so can’t try it out unfortunately!  Please send your email address to and I’ll get someone to contact you about this.


  15. RJE says:

    The site seems to have login issues again. Does anyone have a contact to pursue support of this ?

  16. Try this address for login help:

    Let us know how it goes,


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