Safer Internet Day 2015: Keep a positive online reputation

Jacqueline Beauchere, Chief Online Safety Officer at Microsoft, provides handy tips to raise awareness on Safer Internet Day, 10 February 2015

At Microsoft, we encourage individuals of all ages to take charge of their digital reputations by regularly following some important guidance. The start of 2015 seems a fitting time for a refresher. Specifically:

•Discover what’s on the Internet about you by entering your name into multiple search engines.
•Evaluate your online reputation by examining the results.
•Protect your online reputation by behaving online in a manner that reflects the reputation you want to nurture.
•For young people, look to the future and begin cultivating a professional reputation by being mindful of posts, comments and other content. Same goes for adults; and:
•Restore your online reputation and correct any inaccuracies as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, if someone posts something without your permission and you’d prefer that it not live online, a simple request to remove it may be all that’s needed.


Microsoft Australia is a proud partner of the ThinkUKnow program, a partnership between Microsoft, the AFP, Datacom and The Commonwealth Bank. ThinkUKnow aims to protect children online by delivering free awareness raising presentations to parents, carers and teachers utilising a network of approximately 400 trained volunteers from partner agencies nationally.

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