Scams beware

Stuart Strathdee, Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft Australia, discusses the technology scam targeting Australian residents. The scammers are ringing up consumers pretending to be from Microsoft, saying incorrectly there is a virus in their computer that they allege they can fix. Our advice continues to be that anyone who receives such a call should bear in mind that Microsoft does not cold call consumers nor pass contact details onto third parties to do so. If in doubt, hang-up.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I just got the call and they gave me a phone number to ring them back they said they were in Queensland the number is 0756411009 in case you can trace it. I was stupid enough to give them access to my computer but not my account can they still access my computer? And I do Internet banking can they get my details?

  2. Rebecca says:

    I had a call last night from India claiming to be a company that deals with "error reports for microsoft".  I was told I had so many "malicious software" errors because my software was out of warranty.  If I pay to renew this warranty I would get all this technical assistance for free. I had my suspicions that it was a scam so did not purchase anything.

  3. Phil says:

    Have you heard of company claiming to be called Micro Global Support, web address is …

    I gave them access remotely and made a payment – I guess I got sucked in!

    They gave me the following phone numbers 02 8006 6305 and 02 8006 1439

    I made a transfer over Internet to billet name MD MUZAFFAR IQBAL

  4. rh says:

    Have received two calls over the past week from a company claiming to be associated with Microstoft adviseing email/internet alters were received from my PC.  Was advised that "malicious software and files" have been downloaded.  Asked for details but was advised that there was no phone number that could be given as it is a world based company.  Handed no info out, but rather have bombarded with questions till the point were they have hang up – believe it is supposed to be a company in Melbourne but has a lot of Indian people working for them.

  5. Brenna says:

    I have recieved two calls doing this, I told them I wouldn't deal with them via the phone and they would have to deal in writing, they didn't have my email address and no way was I providing that to them, they had my name and address.  They provided me with a website to "verify" them which was not microsoft.  I checked this site and was glad I hadn't provided details.  They rang again today and I told them I knew that they were a scam and that I would forward both the website and the phone number to the police.

  6. Tracey says:

    I was telephoned and he said he was from Windows and they had received error messages from my computer.  He put me onto the IT guy and then the supervisor as I would not give out any details.  They were very convincing and I stupidly allowed remote access to my computer! I did not give out any banking details or passwords.  I eventually discontinued the call and ran a virus scan immediately after phone call and it deleted 4 spyware and 19 cookies.  I hope everything is okay on my computer.  I reported it to my bank and scamwatch. The website they directed me to was

  7. Ken says:

    Got another call from these leeches again today, my third this month – I've told them I'm on the "do not call" register here in Australia & they are breaching the Law! the first time the operator told me she would take my number off her computer & won't call again, that hasn't happened, but they insist there's something wrong with my computer – I told them there's nothing wrong & not to call again! Today when she rang again she told me " I " was a bit rude to assume she was calling to sell somerthing, & in fact she was ringing to help me with the virus that's on my computer! once again I said my PC is fine & she just hung up on me! These parasites will get a real mouthful if they call me again! ( with an Indian accent )

  8. Ken says:


  9. Lauren Louise says:

    I have had three phone calls from these people TODAY. They keep ringing back and apologising for getting "disconnected" after I hang up. I don't even have a PC, I use a MAC, but they keep insisting that I do. My grandparents have also been called and, being in their 80s, they don't even own a computer, but the person on the other end of the line insists they do.

    How can I make them stop?

  10. joanne says:

    i have received a call from a foreigner claiming he was calling from victoria and was part of microsoft support group, are questioning i obtain his contact number and have reported this on the scam watch website. i also advised the if he continues calling me i would report that had his is number to do so. i also made my isp aware of what was happening.

  11. Glenys says:

    My phone call today 9/05/2011 from a company Calltoassist .com 863654453

    saying it was microsoft allerting me about hackers the automated call was really quick and then you had to press 1 and then an operator wanted me to be aware of hackers

  12. Annie says:

    I got a call on Friday saying they were from Microsoft Systems. I asked where they were located and they said Sydney.  They told me I had downloaded viruses and trogans and that my hard drive will crash in about a month unless they fixed it for me.  They said that only Microsoft can do this and and then told me that I needed to pay a one-off payment of $105.  Needless to say I did not pay or give them any details.

  13. Cath says:

    I got one of these calls today, and they even left me a number to call back 0390084256.  I googled this number, and there is even a website for this company called 1 stop computer fix.  Luckily I said my husband would call them back, so didn't give them access to anything.  

  14. Carolyn cramer says:

    This is my first ever experience with a scammer/hacker phone call. I had heard they were bad, but seriously!!! They became very rude at times when I did not do want they wanted. Very funny, now that I think about it, but here is what happened.

    7.15pm 20/06/2011- I  received a call from the scam group masquerading as Windows support staff, trying to get me to sign up to a support plan in order to remove viruses they had been notified were on my computer.

    The caller claims to be from the Windows Support Centre and say they have been notified of viruses, malware and spyware on your PC. They say that your free Microsoft support for Windows has expired and that is why all of these viruses are now on your PC.

    To prove the existence of these viruses, they walk you through opening up your computers Event Viewer which logs application and system events. In the normal course of operation it is expected that the event viewer will show a certain number of errors in Windows services and applications, but they point to these errors and say they are the result of viruses and spyware. This is a lie. But the event viewer isn't easily decipherable by the layman though so its very easy to believe them. (well if you can understand them)

    They advise the way to remove these errors is to go to the Run command box and type in

    At this stage I said I was not going to do this as I would get my local IT guy to do it. They got very agressive and said he wouldn't know how to do this and they were trying to help me.

    I again refused to do the entry and instead asked for a phone number for the local IT bloke to call them back on. They gave me 03 9015 9415. (This number actually belongs to a bloke in Melbourne who has nothing to do with the scheme)

    I had them on the phone for 40 minutes and was googling what they were saying to find it was a scam.

    They knew my home address in Bathurst and our home phone number.

    Everyone, please be weary. They are very hard to understand, but with so many call centres overseas these days, you just never know.


  15. Craig says:

    I've had many calls from these people over the past 6mths claiming to be from "Microsoft Service Centre" (Indian Accents)telling me they have received "error reports" from my computer & offering to fix it(I never gave them access to anything).They stopped ringing for a while after I swore down the phone at them but now 3 times in 3 days they have called me at exactly 6pm.I Yelled at them saying they were scammers & hung up the 1st 2 times & then today I said the same & added I was reporting them to the Aust Federal Police who would trace their number & they hung up! They have my full name & phone number so I've just gone to a new Private phone number!

  16. John says:

    I am geting really pissed of with them, about 4 in a month and lord knows how many times before that!

    I get caller 0198  339100 on my phone screen!

  17. sexyrexy says:

    I received a call from an Indian woman saying I had a virus on my PC & that my computer may crash at anytime if I didn't get it fixed. I knew it was a scam straight away & told the stupid cow that I had just had my computer serviced & the problems had been fixed & then I just slammed the phone down. She didn't ring back (LOL)!

  18. ArtzyAudz says:

    Just had an Indian ( in Sydney~yeah right) telling me my computer had sent fault reports & they were acting on behalf of Microsoft, my antivirus was out of date & my files corrupted(I have a 3yr subscription,automatic updated)even though last night I updated windows files also. Asked me to go Start> Run> ttype in: inf windows, then told me the 1200 files were "oh my goodness" corrupt/virus etc… I smelled a curry rat & told them not to ph back or I'd call the police! BEWARE they are randomly calling hoping for a sukker 😉

  19. Rose says:

    I just got the call (twice – the first time I hung up straight away, the second time I also hung up – but he did tell me my name).  They said they were in North Sydney and from Microsoft technical support.  

  20. gok says:

    I received a call today supposedly from Microsoft, telling me I had lots of bugs and errors in my computer and she would help me eliminate them, i said i would have my computer person I use, solve my problems if i had any which she didn't like….I hung up without giving any info.

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