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The 2010 Consumer Fraud Week was launched today by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce (ACFT). The theme of this year’s campaign is “Online Offensive: Fighting Fraud Online”. Microsoft Australia is proud to support this initiative.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of online consumer fraud in Australasia through various member and partner activities and the distribution of educational materials by members and partners.

Many people, consumers and businesses unfortunately fall victim to scams every day.

Whilst historically phishing has always been prevalent, a new scam has come to light recently that has been deceiving consumers. This scam operates under several names including Support on Click, and System Recure. The fraudsters have been using Microsoft’s name to try to gain trust. They falsely claim to be a Microsoft partner on their website, and misuse our logo on many of their pages. Their spiel goes something like this:

· You get a call at home from a company claiming to be working for Microsoft or ‘your ISP’;

· The phone number will show up as Australian, but they are really calling from India or overseas;

· They will typically tell you that your computer has been running slowly and this is likely due to ‘infections’;

· They tell you they can help you with this and direct you to a website that then allows them to take remote control of your PC (in doing this they could download spyware to your machine);

· The ‘cold caller’ will then spend some time on your system trying to demonstrate where all your ‘problems’ are; and

· They will then try to sell you their ‘fixing’ service and take your credit card details.

In reality Support On Click, System Recure, and are doing nothing to help your PC become any quicker or more secure, they are just trying to scam money out of you. Queensland police have also warned that fraudsters could even be downloading malicious software to your machine if allowed to take remote access.

At Microsoft we do not cold call customers, nor disclose personal information about our customers to be used in this way. If you receive an unsolicited call from someone offering assistance to fix your computer then we suggest you hang up, and not respond to any communications from these scammers.

Microsoft continues to work with law enforcement and relevant government agencies. Unfortunately this is not a problem we can solve via technology, or an update. This is just another high pressure sales technique similar to those property or stock “education seminars” where you have to provide a credit card or ten referrals to get out the door.

To learn more about scams or to report one visit

Stuart Strathdee
Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Australia

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Comments (80)

  1. Nola Holden says:

    Yes, we got caught with this one.  Hoping to reclaim our money back though.  Will be more careful in the future.

  2. Rex Long says:

    They are trying the same scam in the UK using exactly the same methods under the new name 'itstrong', website at Beware!

  3. jeff hawkins says:

    I am very pleased with this company. My computer was very slow after I get call from srecurenow my pc performance was so good. its a miracle

  4. Peter says:

    Just had a call from Mark Taylor, Sydney (strong Indian accent) claiming to be from Microsoft Windows Service Center claiming that my Windows software warranty had run out and my computer was infected.

    This was clearly a scam, the caller wanted me to go to and also wanted remote access.

    When queried for his name, he gave the Mark Taylor. When asked for his phone number, he refused and tried very hard to convince me he was a genuine Microsoft service representative. It is a scam, don't fall for it.

  5. Peter says:

    These people will claim that your computer has sent information to Microsoft indicating a problem with security or performance. They will attempt to lead you to the event viewer to show you any errors that your computer has logged and even if errors are present, it doesn't necessary indicate any serious problems. Most PC's will have some log errors at some time.

    Do not trust them, they are thieves and it is a scam.

    If you suspect a problem, take your PC to your local repairman whom you can trust. Make sure you have an antivirus and anti-spyware programme installed. Microsoft Security Essentials is not perfect but a good place to start and it is free. Just Google or Bing "Microsoft Security Essentials", download and install it. Run a full scan.

  6. Mick says:

    Had two calls from indian sounding guy sayint he was from Microsoft scare and they had detected a virus downloading on my computer and they hasd technicians who would come around and fix it. I asked for their phone number which he wouldn't give. On the second call I told him we had reported them to the Australian Govt and he said we nt scammers and recognosed as genuine. I insisted they were scammers and he said well if we are we will hack into your computer and get everything. I told him I had recorded the conversation and would be passing it to Australian legal authorities so he hung up.  Be very wary as they are forceful!!!

  7. Linda says:

    This scam is currently targeting the Hamilton area in south west Victoria, Australia.  I received a call yesterday, recognized it as a scam and hung up.  I know of three other people in the area who have been contacted recently.  I contacted our local paper and they are going to run a story to alert people to the scam.

  8. Tim says:

    I got a call today from someone claiming to be from Some people will try anything.

  9. Kevin says:

    I was called yesterday by Sun System Recure who described themselves as Microsoft's service group for Windows and went through the same proceedures that are described by others on this forum. They even gave me names, addresses and phone numbers in North Sydney so they are fairly convincing. So be aware of Sun System Recure.

  10. Andy says:

    Happened to me today… fact happening as we speak…..some guy (Indian accent) went through the spiel….I left him on speaker phone for a while and eventually he got the message. However, he keeps ringing back, saying he was from Interpol and I was to be arrested for insulting microsoft employees….. quite comical really.

  11. Ralph says:

    The indian speaking caller seemed quiet genuine. Bieng on 'dial-up' and downloading at about 2kb/s took a lot of time. His patience was a little rewarding in the end. Alert Pay got a small sum from me.They seemed real enough at the time. Their Sydney 'Phone number was in the 02 903 area. I would LOVE to meet him. Please pass on to your friends this scam, especially to the aged. Virgo.

  12. Geoff says:

    Just had a person claiming to be from "Live Windows Care" stating that they have detected a virus on my computer and that I should turn it on and he would assist me in finding the virus? I asked this person who had a deep Indian acsent what company did you say your from? He said "Live Windows Care" and I said 'But thats just a 'Brand Name' and who was the company? This guy just stuttered, the line went quiet and then I was pasted onto another Indian speaking guy who claimed he was from "Microsoft Windows"? This guy said your computer is running slow because it's infected with a virus. I said to this guy " I know why my computer is running slow and it's not because of a 'so called virus' it's because it needs more RAM, that is it needs an extra RAM Card". This so called Microsoft Computer Tech asked me what is a RAM Card? I said "And you claim to be from Microsoft? This Indian guy just hung up.    

  13. Angela Derda says:

    In South Australia…just got a call from a guy with an Indian Accent telling me my computer was running slow because of a virus. Stated was from Windows care. He insisted that I go to my computer and go online to correct the error. I wanted him to email me the information required to correct the error or could I write down the steps right now and I would fix it myself and he pretended not to understand me and insisted I had to go to my computer. Hung up on him and went and googled windows care and found this website! Lucky!!!

  14. Christine Kilpatrick says:

    Just read article in newspaper about scam. My husband is normally so cautious, but was sucked in as they seemed genuine. They supposedly cleaned up viruses in computer and wanted payment. At first he wouldn't pay them until they sent an invoice (which they did online_) He paid by paypal. This happened on 10th Aug 2010. No money missing from our online bank accounts for nearly one month, but now knowing we've been scammed I am going to change passwords on bank accounts to be safe , I hope.

  15. wendy williams says:

    i have had two calls today, and they nearly got me,be so careful and spread the word on these mongrels

  16. Kieran Arnold-Garvey says:

    The people who tried it with us,twice, called themselves World pc tech and claimed to be subsiadiarys of Microsoft

  17. Colin says:

    Yes today someone phoned my husband while I was at work suggesting our computer had a virus. Fortunately he rang me at work and told me that he had put the guy off. I then searched the net and found it to be a scam. Don't fall for this one at $80.00 per person they can rake in a fortune of your hard earnt money.

  18. KHG Farmer. says:

    I had a call from a person claiming to be from Microsoft and it would appear I have fallen for their scam. The company name in my case was SUN SYSTEMS RECURE. I paid with Paypal so I may be able to recover my money.

  19. Caught 18/8/2010 says:

    So what happens to the money going into their account?

    Can't this be held or frozen?

    any answers would be appreciated.

  20. sassoong says:

    You should contact your bank to see what stage the processing of the funds transfer is up to, and whether they may intervene. Alternatively, you should contact the local Police. Sassoon

  21. K Pollard says:

    We've had 2 phone calls in 1 week from a company called LiveHelp4pc.  They claim to be working for Microsoft.  The second time they rang, I decided to string the guy along and get as much information as possible from him (the ACCC advise this is NOT a good idea, but needless to say, I had a good chuckle after the phone call).  I questioned him as to why they were getting our error messages and not Microsoft/Windows, he told me that Microsoft don't have a customer care centre (because they're such a large company) and so they outsource to people like them! Bahahahaha! I managed to get the guy's name, return phone number, website etc and promptly rang the ACCC to report it.  We only found out it was a scam after the first phone call because we fobbed the guy off and rang Windows the next day to verify his story.  

  22. Judy Trodd says:

    I was foolish enough to be stung by these mongrels! Im not very computer savvy,& the guy that called me was very believable. These ones go by the name Instant PC Care,& supplied a Sydney address(71 Walker St, North Sydney) & phone number(02 80915003),a UK address & UK

    I paid $175.99 USD through Paypal. Last night I lodged a dispute with Paypal, but got an email back from them stating they were unable to reverse  transaction or issue a refund. Then at lunch time today,the Indian guy called me, very irate that I had done a charge-back with Paypal.He insisted they were a genuine company,& my contact with Paypal would leave a black mark on his companies record.I was told if I cancelled my charge-back with Paypal,he would ring me back & discuss refunding my money, as he didnt want his companys reputation tarnished.

    This whole thing has upset me greatly.Im sure I will never see my money again,but Im very frightened that they have installed viruses & the like on my computer.

  23. Marg says:

    I am in Latrobe Valley area and just had a call from Global Maintenance Service – "Indian" acccent again and talking about Microsoft Windows Operating System.  When I told him I was on "do not call" and he shouldn't be calling me he apologised and hung up.

  24. Karen says:

    Trying this scam in Perth tonight. Say they are acting on behalf of Microsoft Windows and that the computer is sending error reports to the Windows Service Providers. They get you to log into event viewer / Aplication and see all of the red alerts. Then try and get you to give permission for the technicians to get online and fix it. Then comes the $$$

    This lot need to be stopped. They rang my recently widowed Mum who is totally confused and is ready to get rid of her computer because of this mobs harassment. She ghot angry at Mum wen she didn't know what to do when the woman was giving her instructions. Woman gave her name as Mia, System Secure, Sydney 0280147449 but displayed 012535617911 on the screen the first time she rang. Number was blocked the next time she rang.

  25. Simone says:

    I had a call today (in Melbourne) and they advised that they were calling on behalf of microsoft and that there was a problem with me uploading files which could damage my hard drive. The caller knew my name and address and asked if I could turn my computer on so they can assist with the problem. They asked if I could confirm my details and I advised them that I will not give out any personal information and I don't know why they were calling me, i got very annoyed and said I will speak with my provider about this and they hung up.

    Lucky I am so untrusting and glad I am cause I found this site and realised it is a scam.

  26. Simon Coomes-Pearce says:

    Let them get remote access to my computer however luckily when it came to the credit card details I wisened up. I feel really silly for letting them get access to my computer though

  27. Ron says:

    Had these scammers call for the second time today, except this time they claimed to be calling from Qantas IT about my computer not being able to use the Qantas web site.

  28. SJF says:

    Can you please confirm whether RichtekSupport is as they say on their website or are they a scam company.  If they are a scam, how does one stop payment to them?  How might we check whether they have implanted any spyware into the computer?

  29. VdMuss says:

    They're still at it, a relative got attacked on 13 October 2010. I think they said they were from "bcsecure" and were asking for remote control of the computer. The phone number they gave was bogus.

  30. J Watts says:

    same people in Bairnsdale area ,have been rung twice in 1 week,finally they hang up,when I wont do anything they want me to,only they said it was World Busy Tec,today,Lets put this to a stop,try and get as much info from them,then report this

  31. Sassoon says:

    This comment is to reply to the comment on 'RichTekSupport'. To check if there is anything nasty on your PC contact 132058 and go through to technical support, tell them it is a security issue.

  32. Christine Mitchell says:

    I am so mad that I fell for this scam. Livehelp4pc, paid them $223 via paypal, tried to get my money back from them, will now try paypal. This happened to me in Hobart on 26/10/10.

  33. Faye says:

    They are very persistent!  Had my fourth call in 6 weeks today – each time from an Indian sounding male person but this time from WinPC Technologies, Ben Gibbs, phone 02 80062085 advising yet again that I had a problem with my computer hard drive due to 'browsing the internet'.  They never answer my question as to how they obtained my phone number or why a phone call instead of Microsoft advising of the problem themselves via an update or whatever. When my questions get too tricky for them they just hang up!!

    My problem is working out how on earth to stop these unwanted calls.  Telstra are of no assistance at all even though I am on their 'do not call register'.

  34. peter brant says:

    yes this sun system recure is totally a fraud…..plz dnt fall for them.

  35. ms says:

    I have received several calls over the past few days from someone inquiring about the speed of my computer – This is in Western Australia – I hung up

  36. Neil says:

    One possible explanation as to how these scammers get your phone number is they purchase it from some "legitimate" source that we all inadvertently give out our number to, without reading "terms and conditions"

    I am not exaggerating in stating we have received over 20 of these similar calls in the last 5 months and no matter who you request for help there is a lull then it recommences. They DON"T go away so eventually it seems the only way to gain peace is to change to a silent number- at your expense!

  37. Colin says:

    They're still at it (Nov 15th) I worked it out after they started pointing at a "security package" with my cursor and downloading a payment site. SHut everything down, now running a full security scan.

  38. Lori says:

    Is PC supportcare one of the companies to be wary of? They acted in the way you described in your article about fraudulent companies though they claim to be legit.

  39. sassoong says:

    For concerns contact 132058 and go through to technical support, tell them it is a security issue. Sassoon

  40. Kathy Smith says:

    I just received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft and was told my computer was downloading viruses to Microsoft and they needed to fix it now.  I hung up.

  41. sylvia says:

    Received a call today from an indian saying I had a virus on computer, I asked for his website and hung up the website was livehelp4pc

  42. Bert says:

    Different group, same scam. Tell you to run eventviewer, find information, warning and error messages and tell you the computer is about to stop and you need a new one. When questioned on who they are your pointed to Microsoft partners page & a company called Pyramid Technology Solutions,Inc then they ask for money, tell you their email is down, point you to a website http://www.mytechsolutions to pay them. It looks good but its a scam

  43. Jasmin Summers says:

    I have been contacted by people who say they're with windows and have received a lot of error messages suggesting that my firewall has been breached. They have given me an Australian phone number 02 800 612 38 and a web-site They have downloaded a program called TeamView on one of my computers.

    Do you think this is a scam?

  44. Jared says:

    I'm in Darwin.  The scammers tried it on me on Friday night.  I knew straight away that it was a scam.  When I told them that I don't have Windows installed on my PC and use Linux instead (a lie), they responded "Does anyone else in your house have a Windows PC?". They're persistent! 🙂

  45. Vanessa Young says:

    Just had my second call from these idiots. They also called my mother in law aged 89, who doesn't even have a computer. The safest thing is never to buy anything that anyone is selling by telephone. After all, if you want something, you can just go to the shop and buy it, or research and buy online

  46. Tony says:

    The scam involved my widowed sister who was cold called by people with Indian accents to tell her that her computer was about to crash and it had to be fixed immediately or there would be a disaster. In fact that it had a 89% chance of crashing and that it had no firewall to protect itself. (this was before they were given access to the computer). She was first spoken to by a man who then handed the call over to his “supervisor” Jennifer.

    They got her to go to the computer and  look at error reports(which were standard error reports) in Vista and convinced her that this was stuff happening right now to her computer.

    They made a charge of $112.89 on her credit card then got her to download the program Teamviewer and then remotely accessed her computer to remove her Antivirus (Avast) and to defrag the computer.

  47. Monica Ardill says:

    My caller was from 'Windows Service Centre' and gave me a North Sydney address and phone number although they were not listed in the phone book.  No, I didn't sign up but I did waste about 45 minutes on the phone partly trying to understand the accent and partly believing him – he was very convincing.   I rang Microsoft and they advised me to check your website.  Thanks for the service.

  48. Harley says:

    Got a call half an hour ago by an Indian sounding woman…second time in 12months…she was very demanding that I follow her orders in getting into  my computer as it had all sorts of nasties in it. I told her I knew what they were up to and she was adament it wasnt a scam,,told her to send me mail verication and ph.number and I would call them back…she became very annoyed and irate and told me I could end the call!!… can they do that even though Im on the Do Not Call Register here in QLD ?

  49. Stephen says:

    My neighbor nearly got caught but thought he would check with me first.  For interest the phone number they left for him was 08 7004 1022.  Probably a relay phone number but still interesting.

  50. Sharyn says:

    I received a phone call on Saturday and requested they ring me back as I wanted to check with my It guy before doing anything. They rang back today (Monday). I asked for the phone # given 0399996751, the company given World Busy Tec associated with microsoft. I was instructed to run eventvwr and said I would not do anything without checking again with my It guy and that I would ring them back (never did and do not intend to). My It guy advised me it was a sham. These people are very insistent and appear angry if you do not follow their instructions.

  51. Steve says:

    Had  a call today (Adelaide) about the microsoft tech and viruses in my pc, queried the tch and asked how he got my info, no reply just kept on with the speech. told him i have antivirus and security set high could not get off the phone quick enough

  52. RM says:

    They still at it. Got a call last evening. Some Indian chap. Hang up on him.

  53. Julie says:

    I just received a call similar to this. It came up as an overseas call. The guy named himself as 'Charlie' and advised me he was calling from a company who was commissioned by Microsoft. He advised me that Microsoft had informed him that I had accidently downloaded a virus on my PC. I told him that I was an Australian government employee and that I required information from him to investigate the legitimacy of his call. I asked for the name of his company to which he told me was 'Tomantro', I pushed asking for further details, including a contact phone number. He told me to wait a minute, I could hear him speaking animately to someone in the background and five seconds later the call was disconnected from his side. I live in Melbourne, Victoria. I have heard from several of my friends that they have also received similar calls. These people really irk me!

  54. Virginia says:

    Received one of these calls this afternoon. Said they were from the "service centre for windows operating systems and were undertaking this work for Microsoft. Tried to direct me to  site after saying that my computer had sent error messages to Mircosoft that there was some malicious software on my computer which was causing it to run slow.

    Being suspicious I asked numerous questions and they had an answer for everyone – very plausible and I can fully understand how some people can be conned in to believing the scam- luckliy I was not one of them

  55. Emma says:

    There seems to be a renewed effort by these scammers at the moment (mid Jan 2011). I've had 3 calls (and dodged some others) in the past 2 weeks, and numerous friends and family have reported the same. Perhaps there needs to be a new warning/ press release issued to put this information out there again?

  56. Diane G says:

    I live in Campbelltown NSW and I had a call today from a Lady with an Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft Windows. LOL She said they had received error messages from our computer which was probably due to a virus and that my computer was slow because of this. "Are you aware of this problem mam?" she said. LOL When I told her I hadn't she asked me to turn my computer on so she could show me. As soon as I said that I didn't trust overseas callers she hung up! Scam Scam Scam people don't get caught with this one. I reported to ACCC!

  57. David says:

    Got a call this evening – 9.30PM from a female with an Indian accent advising me I had problems with my computer. Given the unreasonable time of the call I asked her where she had got my number and the name of the company she was representing. She said the company was Comantra, a Microsoft gold partner though she declined to advise where she had got my number. I told her I was alert to her scam and would report the matter. She then abruptly disconnected the call.

  58. Anne says:

    I have had 4 calls in the past three months, all similar to those detailed.  I have got smart now, told the last caller I do not have a computer because I am too old 🙂  He was incredulous!

  59. Neil says:

    Upon receiving numerous calls of a similar nature, from people of a similar ethnic background, over a period of nearly 12 months,  I arranged a call trace on our private phone line for a month.

    After more calls with very little success in obtaining any really useful company details and having then reported to our service provider, each call, the time and duration followed by leaving the phone off for 10 minutes.

    Our service provider reported today that guess what… the calls come from overseas and as such cannot be traced. This, I see, as a disturbing inconvenience especially if expecting legitimate calls

    That makes the don't call register to which we have been registered for over a year a farce!

    As one other comment suggested, the only way to stop these is to change to a silent number at ones own expense. Can't any government department state or federal, do ANYTHING?

  60. C J. Evans says:

    The caller – obviously Indian – kept ringing back after we hung up on him and told him we were not interested,   He became abusive, and told us he was going to call the police if we hung up on him again as he had a very important message from Microsoft.   His parting comment was that we had better watch our computer for the next 24 hours as something drastic was going to happen to it.

  61. Vicki says:

    I have had 5 calls within the month. Indian claiming to be from Microsoft.When asked where he was calling from he told me India.  When i asked to speak to his supervisor – he came on the phone with an indian accent claiming to be from USA.  What a scam.  And i am on the do not call regsiter.

  62. Sue says:

    We have had these calls very recently (2 weeks ago), they called about 4 days in a row.  When my husband told them our son was in IT and asked for this guys phone number so that our son could talk to him – he hung up!  Obviously my husband was just fishing to see what this guy would do.  Definitely Indian, very hard to understand but very persistent and just talked over the top of you!

  63. ali says:

    Just had a call from an Indian man (with a very strong accent) claiming to be representing my ISP.  He said the company was called Global PC Care and they were working on behalf of Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.  He said my computer was already infected and asked me to undertake certain actions so he could "help me". I kept asking why and for verification as to who he was actually representing. He then became rude and started to speak over me.  I decided to hang up on him and he rang back immediately.  I didn't answer.  Beware, these people are as incidious as any PC Virus.  I have rung Telstra (my ISP) and advised.

  64. Anon says:

    Just got same call he gave me details saying he was in adelaide and his

    ph: 0872001700 and his extension 819994 saying my computer was being hacked for my bank details when i dont even use internet banking.

  65. joanne kerry says:

    watch out for calls from india telling you your computer has a bad virus, and only they can fix it, they must think people are stupid.

  66. Greg says:

    Just got called tonight from a Indian sounding person at 5.30pm with the same spiel saying he was representing MS, i wasn't aware of this particular scam but was immediately suspicious.

    He said they were getting error logs from me saying i had spy ware, so i asked how often and when did they receive this reports, he said last week. so i asked him how many have i received this week and he insisted that he was just trying to help me.

    I told him i was very competent with computers and that i could fix it myself. He hang up.

    I am interested as to how he got our number :/

  67. Pete says:

    I've had at least 6 calls over the last two months. All calls are the same "hello Mr ***, I am calling from Microsoft about problems with your computer…"

    They hang up pretty quick when I tell them I am a Mac user and don't use Microsoft…

    I am sure the authorities in India could do something about this, even if they are making their calls through VoIP. Perhaps they can 'follow the money', and if they don't have the will then we need to regulate to make transactions (no matter how small) between Australia and India virtually impossible without substantial ID.

  68. luc says:

    i got called 5 times last night, strung them along. as long as you dont put the 6 digit pin into logmein123 .com its okay, i took all this information i gathered and rang logmein123 .com on 1-800-451-271, they were very interested and are currently working on suspending the accounts that they work through

    logmein123 .com is a legitimate company for software support and they are being used as a tool to deceive

    i also called the accc number provided above but they were not aware that the scam is still ongoing and werent interested in an email containing all the information i received. dissapointing

  69. christine binns says:

    had a call last week from an indian male  claiming he was from microsoft, and  that i had some corrupted files on my computer,  i actually believed him to start with,  when i asked him to show me where they were,, he told me to go to  inf- risk  press ok  and they they were hundreds of them,  had i of been a technition i would of known what they were.  then when he asked me to allow remote access, i played him along as thought  somethings not right here.  I said to him that i was busy at the moment and could he kindly ph back in half hour, as had to go pick up my daughter  he said gladly,, I  then phoned microsoft and found out it was a scam  as they dont call  clients,  The gentleman ph me back, and i told him that he was not telling me the truth and that i phoned police  he hung up very quickly.

    today i get another call from an indian lady  claiming the same thing,  asked for her name and where was she from,  she told me she was from the operating windows centre  and the ph no is 02- 80050590.  and would cost me $85 to fix my computer and wanted my acct details,  i played along as new it was a scam  from the last caller.  I asked her to ph me back in half hour,  so i could ph this no she gave me  and sure enough it was windows call centre  but a different voice answered,,,  still going to ph microsoft on monday,  tried to report this but cant on a weekend,, so they are working on weekends also now.  got to put an end to this

  70. s.sheard says:

    have had many such calls,last was swearing and abusive when told they were a scam will not get caught out but am fed up with them.

  71. Ingrid says:

    Just received a call from guy with an Indian accent telling me my PC was infected with files and running slow. Stated he was from Microsoft and asked me to switch on my PC. I had already turned it off being aware of the scan. I told him I was tracing his ISP address and filing a report. He told me to SHUT MY MOUTH. He then hung up. He was been trying to phone me consistently over the past few days. Doing a comprehensive scan with Norton at present just in case.

  72. Lucy Bluitt says:

    Had a typical call from"Microsoft" this evening. I am relatively inexperienced with IT but woke up that M'soft would not cold call. What does concern me, is that this call came after I have had ALOT of phone calls to my ISP over the last months – many problems with Wireless I'net modem disconnecting. My ISP has call centres in India etc where these calls all seem to originate from. Is there a connection here? This seems very co-incidental. Fortunately, I sussed this was not kosha and he invited ME to hang up. He knew I was awake to his scam, and was happy to get rid of me!!

  73. Maurice Whitfield Perth W.A. says:

    Just had a phone call from "Kevin" of the Microsoft Windows Care Dept.Sydney. He wanted $299 for new warranty when we asked for a phone number to check he rang off.Should I ring the police or do the W.A. police already know of this scam?

  74. Christine Lavers says:

    I have just received a call from this company tonight and whne I questioned them about thie business name and contact details (as I was sure they were a scam) they hung up. They said their business name was Global Maintenance

    I then googled this and found your site with the same problem last year.

  75. concerned says:

    I did get caught in January and then tonight they tried to tell me they'd refund it. How can I be sure they don't still have access to my computer.

  76. H McLean says:

    I have been called weekly for the past 2 months in NSW Central Coast.  All Asian sounding people.  One lady was able to quote my name and street address.  On another occasion I asked the man for his name and repeated it as I wrote it down and the same with the company he said he was from at this he asked me if I was writing it down and when I said yes he became irate asking why?  I said I always write phone calls down that are important.  He started shouting at me "Do you think this is a scam?"  I replied I didn't know but I intended to find out and he hung up on me.  For the next 7 days, I received daily calls at all hours where the phone would be quiet then a recorded voice would say goodbye.  Yesterday I received another call and the caller asked to speak to my deceased mother-in-law from the UK.  She had a different unusual surname.  This freaked me out!!! Where are they getting this info from and how can we stop it?

  77. Jean says:

    I had a call from Global IT solutions and do not normally get sucked in by such calls but they called just as I was having problems with my computer and had to shut down and restart it. They claimed they were working with Microsoft and detected a problem and claimed that my Windows firewall was about to expire and I did get a phone number from them and called them back on a sydney number anyway got to the end and they tried to get me to pay and I just abused him as he claimed that it would not cost me and then hung up unistalled the software they got me to download and did a virus and spyware check on my computer.

  78. Ivy says:

    We live Central Coast,NSW and received one of these calls on 10/7/11. Female with strong Indian access claiming to be Microsoft in Sydney. Luckily we did not fall for it but they are still active. After my questioning her about everything that she said she became quite frustrated & hung up.

  79. a says:

    had 3 calls today within an hour first told them i didnt use windows, second i started asking questions and they hung up on me and the thrid time he got creppy after i told him i was aware of a phone scam and told me he could see my underwear

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