Microsoft supports National Multicultural Marketing Awards

Photo by Warren Duncan/ Community Relations Commission of NSW Microsoft Australia was a proud sponsor of this year’s 2008 National Multicultural Marketing Awards organised by the Community Relations Commission of NSW. The Awards encourage and reward the efforts of businesses and organisations that focus on the cultural diversity of Australia in their overall marketing strategies….


E-health: Saving lives, protecting privacy

Picture this. According to the “Quality in Australia Health Care” study, 25 patients die each day in our hospitals from “preventable adverse events”. That may explain public concerns about hospital patient care across our hospital system that has led to several inquiries in recent times. However, there are solutions to “preventable adverse events”: put simply,…


Online Diabetes Map: Australian first!

In an Australian first, this week Diabetes Australia launched an online Diabetes Map to identify those affected with Diabetes. Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease with 275 Australians developing diabetes every day, with around 900,000 Australians diagnosed with diabetes. The map, which uses Microsoft Virtual Earth technology, provides accurate up-to-date statistics on who is…


Innovation and the Digital Economy

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), hosted Microsoft Corporation CEO, Steve Ballmer, who addressed more than 500 CEDA members and guests on November 7 on the topic: Innovation and the Digital economy. Steve Ballmer discussed the innovation agenda of Microsoft, the challenges and opportunities of continual innovation, and how successful companies in a…


Microsoft and Telstra Strategic Alliance

Microsoft Corp. and Telstra yesterday (5th November) announced their intention to enter into an Australian industry first – a broad strategic alliance to bring together business software applications, mobile services and devices, and integrated computer and telephone services over Telstra’s Next IP™ and Next G™ networks. The alliance is designed to enable the two companies…