503 Server Unavailable failure with IIS 7.0

When working with IIS 7.0 in Vista if you are seeing this failure trying to access the webserver, there are couple of things to look for.  1. Check if the Application Pool is running. You can click on the Application Pools option on the Left Pane of IIS 7.0 and check all running App pools….


Trouble Installing .NET 2.0….

If you had a Beta version of Framework 2.0 installed on your machine and are moving to a the RTM version, then you might have some trouble with getting the correct version of mscoree.dll in place. The reason is Microsoft Installer’s resilence feature will restore the old version of mscoree.dll in your system directory even…

Daylight savings changes and WCF Security Processing

I had a question today from a customer who was concerned that his WCF application might start to behave erratically due to the new Daylight savings schedule. Then I realized that there has been quite some noise around this area and people are predicting systems to stop responding when the new Daylight savings goes into…