Updated Re-Serialize SAML token

There has been a lot of interest around this and hence I have attached some code listing to this post. Check it out!

Federation and Bearer Tokens

The latest WS-Trust spec (yet to be ratified by OASIS) introduces a concept called Bearer Tokens. This basically is a keyless token that a client requests from an STS (Security Token Service). The only purpose this token serves is to provide more information about the client to the service while the client already has a…


Re-Serialize SAML token

  In a Federation Scenario a client might want to access the services by using a SAML token that was issued to it by a STS. The service in turn might have to call other services (like a intermediary) to fulfill the request. When calling the backend service the service might want to use the…



As you are moving to Web Services world one of the buzz words that you will hear time and again is “Federation”. This is simply a security scenario that involves 3 parties to secure a Message. The 3 parties in the scenario are, Client Security Token Service (STS) Target Service This is very similar to…