503 Server Unavailable failure with IIS 7.0

When working with IIS 7.0 in Vista if you are seeing this failure trying to access the webserver, there are couple of things to look for.  1. Check if the Application Pool is running. You can click on the Application Pools option on the Left Pane of IIS 7.0 and check all running App pools….


Reliable Messaging and SecurityToken validation

One of the things that have come up many times is how the service could stop a client from retrying a request for a valid security validation error while Reliable Messaging is enabled. If you are not familiar with the situation the essence of the problem is this, Binding on the Service has Reliable Messaging…


Handling Mismatched Trust Versions on the Client

Federation Clients might have scenarios where it is talking to a Service and STS that don’t have the same trust version. The Service WSDL can contain a RequestSecurityTokenTemplate with Trust elements that are in different version than the STS. In these cases a WCF client will convert the Trust elements received from the Service’s RequestSecurityTokenTemplate…