Federation and Bearer Tokens

The latest WS-Trust spec (yet to be ratified by OASIS) introduces a concept called Bearer Tokens. This basically is a keyless token that a client requests from an STS (Security Token Service). The only purpose this token serves is to provide more information about the client to the service while the client already has a…


.NET 3.0 RTM Documentation available

Below is the link to RTM documentation for .NET 3.0 http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa388579.aspx

Windows Vista RC -> RTM!!!

Windows Vista was signed off today to RTM. Windows Vista will release with Office 2007 on November 30th. http://news.com.com/Microsoft+Vista+is+ready+to+roll/2100-1016_3-6133660.html

.Net Framework 3.0 is Live!!

Get the latest version of .Net Framework 3.0 at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=10CC340B-F857-4A14-83F5-25634C3BF043&displaylang=en

Debugging WCF – Traces and Message Logs

There has been enough posts on this topic. But this topic cannot be over emphasized. The best way to debug any WCF issue is to get a complete Message log and trace. We write tons of information to the trace that there is very little (if any) issues that traces cannot solve. Below is a config to…


Colorful Vista…

Microsoft shows off Vista packaging. What is inside is much more exciting. 🙂 So…are you ready for Vista?   http://www.tgdaily.com/picturegalleries/gallery-200610311-5.html