Top Reasons to Keep your 2010 Visual Studio Upgrade

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What is an MSDN Subscription… Really?

  An MSDN Subscription often is the source of confusion for both IT Professionals and IT Purchasing folks, so this post will attempt “Demystify the MSDN Subscription” into terms that all parties can understand.  Here we go…   1)      Visual Studio’s Software Assurance- MSDN is only purchased as an add-on to a Visual Studio license. …


On-Demand Webcast Library

      For the best On-Demand Webcasts and other resources, we’ve compiled this MEGA collection: Videos: ·         Proactive Project Management with Visual Studio 2010 (video link) ·         Improving Developer-Tester Collaboration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010  (video link) ·         Team Foundation Server for Everyone (video link) ·         Code Understanding and Systems Design with Visual Studio 2010 (video…


Licensing Overview for Visual Studio 2010

  Licensing for Visual Studio and its family of products can be somewhat confusing.   This post should go a long a way in helping you get your arms around it! Visual Studio:  Visual Studio is the tool that software developers & testers use to write and test code.   There are 4 Visual Studio “flavors” and the below graphic…


Understand the “MSDN on GSA” Expiration Issue

  Often times our customers who purchase MSDN Subscriptions from GSA schedules may be confused about when their subscriptions actually expires.   For example, you may be thinking… “it sure has been a while since I renewed… but my “My Account” page says that I don’t expire for another 2 years!”…  Hmmmm.  Well, MSDN Subscriptions purchased…