Release Management (RM) for Visual Studio 2013–Work around for running Multiple Clients

One of the things that we added with TFS 2013 was support for release management.  Release management is what I like to call the “last mile’ of application lifecycle management (ALM) and it is the process of managing software releases from the development stage to final production software release.  You can download Release Management (RM)…


Load Testing SharePoint 2013–Part 1

Welcome everyone. I’m Brian Jordan and I am the Developer Technology Specialist covering US Public Sector Federal. Over time, I’ll be covering a number of announcements and technical topics across our development platform. To get started, I wanted to share the some information I provided one of my clients that wanted to understand how to…


License the new TFS 2012 Agile Planning Boards

  Team Foundation Server 2012 introduces a number of new features.  One highlight is the redesigned Web Access which includes new Agile Planning tools.   See these products in action here! Note that the standard, updated Web Access is part of TFS 2012 and licensed via the TFS CAL (just as it was in earlier versions…


Understand TFS Licensing

    Team Foundation Server (TFS) is an excellent code version control tool AND the hub of Microsoft’s App Lifecycle Mgt. (ALM) solution. Learn more here. Now, let’s attempt to demystify some of the aspects of licensing of TFS for enterprise use now: As illustrated in the below graphic, TFS is licensed on a Server/CAL…


Unlimited Dev & Test Enviroments with MSDN Subscriptions

  MSDN Subscriptions are purchased as an add-on to Visual Studio Professional, Premium or Ultimate.  While the MSDN Subscription provides a whole list of benefits, this post specifically explores the software for dev/test use benefit. An MSDN subscription license gives a single user the ability to access/use any Microsoft Enterprise product for Dev/Test purposes (i.e….


FOSE 2012 – Slides & Links

Hello Everyone, I hope you found our sessions on various Microsoft Development topics at FOSE informative and we thank you for attending.    As promised, here are links to download the slides and a few other items worth checking out!   Download the Slides: Beyond Source Control – App Lifecycle Management Introducing Visual Studio and TFS…


Upcoming Webcasts for the new GovDev for TFS Accelerator

  If you’re interested in learning more about the new open-source GovDev for TFS Accelerator, please join us for an upcoming live Webcast…   Date Webcast Topic  Thurs 3/15: 2-3pm EST (watch on-demand)  Agile Dev in Waterfall Government: Introducing GovDev for TFS 2010 Tues 4/10: 3-4pm EST Agile Dev in Waterfall Government: Introducing GovDev for…


Introducing GovDev for TFS – Enable Agile in a Waterfall World

  Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft’s application lifecycle management solution. In addition to core features like source control, build automation and work-item tracking, TFS enables teams to align projects with industry processes such as Agile, Scrum and CMMi via the use of customable XML Process…


Top Reasons to Keep your 2010 Visual Studio Upgrade

  All of the scheduled Webcasts have been completed.  For a full list of upcoming Webcasts and recommended On-Demand resources see:   GovDev Montly Calendar Blog   and/or   The Microsoft Public Sector Developers Blog   Thanks!  


What is an MSDN Subscription… Really?

  An MSDN Subscription often is the source of confusion for both IT Professionals and IT Purchasing folks, so this post will attempt “Demystify the MSDN Subscription” into terms that all parties can understand.  Here we go…   1)      Visual Studio’s Software Assurance- MSDN is only purchased as an add-on to a Visual Studio license. …