High-Growth Government Contractor Says Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution from PVBS Helped Company Manage Growth and Optimize Contract Opportunities

Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS) released a press release in regards to one of their customers Oberon Associates.  What I find particularly notable is that Dynamics NAV supported Oberon’s growth without Oberon having to invest in more functionality. I often hear in talking to government contractors that they outgrow their Quickbooks and GCS Premier solution….


Words of Wisdom from Microsoft CRM User BAE Systems

We had a customer roundtable today and had the opportunity to discuss with Dena Tompros, Director of Enterprise Systems Management on how BAE Systems went about implementing Microsoft CRM. Here are some words of wisdom both on the business and technical side from Dena that may be helpful for others going through the process.  She shared…

Microsoft Flexes ERP Muscle

When CACI International Inc. wanted to create an advanced budgeting and reporting software tool for federal agencies, it didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Instead, the systems integrator sought to build on applications its customers had to minimize user resistance. CACI turned to Microsoft Corp., whose popular office applications are used by about 90 percent…