Stan Soloway Speaks on Budget Spending and Insourcing Trends at Unanet’s Recent User Conference

Stan Soloway, CEO of the Professional Services Council, presented a market and policy briefing at the Unanet Annual Customer Meeting in Tysons Corner, VA on April 30. Unanet provides project management software which complements Microsoft Dynamics and event attendees included more than 100 government contractors and other professional service providers.

Stan touched on a range of topics and highlighted the issues of budget spending and insourcing.  Focusing on a “tidal shift,” Stan noted that the interest on debt will dominate the overall deficit and is becoming the fiscal issue. Stan also brought up what he refers to as “The Three Insourcing Silos,” which consists of Legislation, Budget Directives and Agency Reviews, and the SecDef Initiative; citing that early evidence suggests that most insourcing is not what leadership intends. 

Stan’s overview for Unanet customers also touched on other important challenges including OCI, Personal Conflicts of Interest (PCI), and DCAA policy and elevation procedures, among others.  Stan closed with an emphasis on the importance of customer and workforce engagement.

A copy of Stan Soloway’s briefing is available at:


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